How to enable Spam Box using the command line

February 12, 2024 / Email Hosting

Enabling the Spam Box using the command line helps filter and organise spam emails, improving email inbox cleanliness and reducing the risk of users being flooded with unwanted messages.

Note – In the below commands, replace “$username” with the cPanel username.


Let us explore how to enable Spam Box from the command line-

  1. Access the server’s command line as the ‘root’ user via SSH or the “Terminal” interface in WHM.
  2. Execute the provided API command to activate the user-configurable Spam Box feature-
    whmapi1 set_tweaksetting key=”skipspambox” value=”0″
  3. The below command helps to enable Spam Box on a cPanel user account-
    uapi –user=$username Email enable_spam_box
  4. Run the below command to verify that Spam Box was enabled for the cPanel account-
    uapi –user=$username Email get_spam_settings

This way, you can enable Spam Box using the command line.

Enabling Spam Box via the command line simplifies spam filtering, protecting your inbox. For more comprehensive spam control and customisation options, explore the Spam Filtering feature in cPanel.

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