Installing the Acronis Agent For cPanel/WHM

August 8, 2022 / Acronis Backup

If you have Control Panel installed, the Acronis plugin will give you easy access to manage backups and restores.

This guide describes how to install Acronis Agent for cPanel/WHM.


  • In case of data loss, you can easily backup your entire server to cloud storage using the Acronis Agent and recover it together with all of your websites.
  • Granular Recovery : Gives you precise control over your data, allowing you to restore individual websites, specific files, mailboxes or databases.
  • Enable self-service recovery for end users.


When using the control panel plugin the following limitations apply:

  • Backup of individual websites is not supported. Back up the entire server instead.
  • Granular recovery of databases is supported only for MySQL running on the same machine as cPanel or Plesk.
  • Granular recovery of PostgreSQL databases is not supported.

Installing the cPanel plugin

  1. Access your Server through SSH into your server.
  2. Run the following command to download and execute the installer:
    sudo sh <(curl -L || wget -O -

    The plugin will automatically download and install.

  3. Login into WHM.
    WHM Log in
  4. From the menu select Plugins > Acronis WHM and cPanel.
    Acronis Agent
  5. The plugin will prompt you to enter your Acronis portal credentials, enter them and click Sign in.
  6. Select appropriate options:
    1. End-user Self-Service: It allows to cPanel users to restore their site from their control panel.
    2. Reseller Self-Service: It allows resellers to restore any account located under their reseller account.
    3. Encryption: This setting encrypts your backups, by setting this option your end-user and reseller self-service options will be disabled due to the need to know the password.
      IMPORTANT: if you forget your password your backup will NOT be retrievable.
  7. Go back to Plugins > Acronis WHM and cPanel.
  8. Toggle Backup to ON.
    Backup ON
  9. When you enable backup, the plugin attempts to find and apply a suitable backup plan. If several plans are found, a randomly selected one is applied. If no suitable plans are found, the default backup plan with the “Webcp” name is created and applied to the cPanel server.
  10. If you want to run a backup immediately click Run Now.

This way, you can install the Acronis Agent For cPanel/WHM. Hope you understood everything clearly. WHUK offers Acronis Backup that Protects your business from data loss.

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