How to remove a ModSecurity vendor via WHM

February 19, 2024 / cPanel & WHM

This guide explains how to remove a ModSecurity vendor via WHM. To remove a ModSecurity vendor, you may want to do so if you no longer require its rules or if you are experiencing conflicts with other vendors’ rules.

Let us follow the steps –

  1. Log in to WHM.
  2. Select the “Security Center” section and click on the “ModSecurity™ Vendors” sub-option.
    Security Center
  3. Make sure that the vendor is disabled before removing it.
    remove a modsecurity vendor
  4. If it is enabled, you can disable it and you will get a success message as displayed below.
  5. Click on the “Delete” button.
  6. It will again ask for the confirmation, again click “Delete”.
    confirm delete
  7. You will get a success message.


To Manage ModSecurity configurations effectively, refer to our guide on How to Turn Off ModSecurity in cPanel

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