How to Configure WordPress Permalink Settings

February 7, 2024 / WordPress

In WordPress, you can set up your website’s permanent links called permalinks. It’s important for SEO and readability.

In this article, we will show you how to configure Permalink Settings for the best URL structure.

  1. Log into your “WordPress.”
    WHM login
  2. Select “Settings”, and click on “Permalinks.”
    Settings > Permalinks
  3. Now that you’re on the right page, let’s check and adjust the settings to suit your preferences. There are two sections- one for post URLs and the other for category and tag-based URLs. By default, WordPress creates post URLs based on the creation date and post title. For instance, if you make a post titled “My First Post” on Jan 24, 2024, the URL will be “”.In the “Common Settings” section, you can choose a default WordPress permalink structure or create a custom one using tags under “Custom Structure.” Usually, using the post name is best for SEO and user-friendliness. We recommend selecting “Post name” unless you have a good reason for another option.Permalink structure
  4. In the “Optional” settings below, you can customise how category and tag URLs look. By default-
    1. Category URL: (e.g.,
    2. Tag URL: (e.g.,, you can change the “category-base” and “tag-base” values by entering your preferred words in the respective fields. You can’t remove them from the URL using these settings.Optional
  5. After making the changes you want, be sure to click the “Save Changes” button to make them take effect.

You’ve now set up your WordPress permalink settings.

In summary, setting up your WordPress permalinks is important because it helps improve your user experience and website’s SEO. However, don’t forget to pay attention to the writing settings in WordPress. The writing settings govern the writing process and offer opportunities for tailoring your WordPress website.

We hope this info was helpful, and that you completed the task easily.

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