How to Check SpamExperts SPAM Filter Logs

March 14, 2022 / Email Hosting

This article explains how to check Spam filter logs in SpamExperts. All received email logs are kept by the Spam Experts SPAM filter. Check SpamExperts SPAM filter logs


Let us follow the steps to check the logs:

  1. Log in to Spam Expert.
    SpamExpert Login
  2. From the left-hand side menu, select the “Incoming” category.
  3. Select the “Logs” option.
    SPAM filter logs
  4. “Log search” screen will appear.
    Log search
  5. Set the “Query Rules”.
  6. In the first panel, you may select a parameter based on which the filter will look for the required email/emails.
  7. “Timestamp” is the default one.
    1. For example you can select “Sender” if you wish to search by the sender of the email.
    2. “Recipient” if you wish to search by the email recipient.
    3. “Timestamp” if you want to search by time.
      This way you can select the parameters.
  8. In the second-panel select from when you want it.
  9. Select the period. “Minutes, hours, days, weeks or months”.
    Select the period
  10. The layout of the received logs table can be customised based on the option selected in the “Group results by” section.
  11. Sort by “Ascending” or “Descending”.
    Sort by
  12. Select the “summary row”.
    summary row
  13. In the “Columns to be displayed” area, you can also add new columns or delete hidden ones.
    Columns to be displayed
  14. All required logs will be forwarded to your email address. To do so, click “Email this Search”.
    Email this Search
  15. Finally, click on the “Show Results” button.
    Show Results

In this way, you can check the SpamExperts SPAM filter logs. Hope you found it to be useful. When you run into an issue, always seek assistance from Webhosting UK support team.

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