How to Set Constant FS_Method

February 21, 2024 / WordPress

This guide illustrates how to set constant FS_Method because setting a constant FS_Method is necessary to ensure consistent file system access for WordPress installations across various server configurations.

To configure the constant FS_METHOD in your wp-config.php file, adhere to the precise steps outlined below-

  1. Open wp-config.php File –
    To begin, access the wp-config.php file situated at the root of your website, which can be done through FTP or cPanel File Manager.
  2. Add/Update FS_METHOD –
    Within the wp-config.php file, verify whether the FS_METHOD constant is already declared. If it is not defined, incorporate the provided code snippet -If the constant is already established, you can simply modify the FS_METHOD constant to ‘direct’ as demonstrated below-
    define(‘FS_METHOD’, ‘direct’);
  3. Save/Upload the File –
    In the final step, you will have to save the file (for cPanel File Manager) or upload the file (for FTP) to imitate the modifications on your website.

Important note
– Should your access to wp-config.php file be limited, it’s recommended to contact your web host to facilitate the addition of the FS_METHOD constant.

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