How to Create a New User in WordPress

April 4, 2022 / WordPress

This article explains how to create a new WordPress user. You may add users with different responsibilities and access privileges to your site by creating users in WordPress. A user will be able to log in to your site with a username and password once it has been set up.

To add a new user in WordPress. Follow the steps:

1. Log in to the WordPress account.

2. Select the “users” option.

3. Click on the “Add new” sub-option.

4. You will get a form type screen. Fill in the information:

a. Username (required)– Enter the name of the user.

b. Email (required)– Enter the email address.

c. First Name- Enter the first name.

d. Last Name- Enter the last name.

e. Website- Enter the website.

f. Password- Enter the password of your choice or you can generate it using the generator. It will show you how strong it is with a green colour if it is strong. You can show or hide the password.

g. Send User Notification- Tick the box to send the new user an email about their account.

h. Role- Click on the drop-down list and select the role of the user. Such as Subscriber, Contributor, Author, Editor, or Administrator.

5. Click on the “Add New user”.

6. You will get a success message.

You can quickly create a new user in WordPress this way. We hope you can now make one on your own. If you run into any problems, please contact Webhosting UK support team.

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