The Impact of Videos on Increasing The Sales of Your Website

The Impact of Videos on Increasing The Sales of Your Website

If you would like to improve the sales, web-traffic, start your own online TV talk show or even broadcast your newsletter articles or videos over the internet, it might have looked difficult to achieve at one point of time because videos take a long time to load and too much of web space is required. However now in the world of instant loading, it is the best time for using impressive videos in your website.

You might have come across many websites featuring videos; every website includes videos from music websites to online training websites. News is one of the most popular forms of presenting videos on your website.

You might have also come across the term – RSS. RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a format created for sharing the web content like news headlines and comments. It is a standardized system for the distribution of content and news from the online publisher to internet users.

Did you know?

There are many new and impressive advancements in online video and audio streams. It is possible for almost anyone to have their own online radio or TV talk show or any other website that contains videos. All you have to do is establish a website, install the audio/video files, advertise appropriately and you will be one of the leading players of the competition.

It is also possible to broadcast your audio and video files through the RSS feeds to websites worldwide; it can also be done through joint ventures with the website owners so that you can include your videos on their website.

Why should one consider adding videos to the website?

Video is a premier sales tool. It is very rightly stated that a picture is worth a thousand words. In that case a video with audio is definitely worth a lot. Moreover it is also a fact that people today have less time and they get easily distracted.

Watching television also forms a significant part of the daily lives of people. However television is loosing most of its ground to web-surfing. That is why the importance of videos has increased.

Video is a great way to entertain, inform and educate your audience in a very impressive way. Now doing this would be easier than before. Video/Audio files can be added to the website for various purposes like, training, marketing, video blogging; video sharing etc. the new web hosting technology has simplified the process of adding fast loading video content to your website that is also called Video Streaming.

Until recently, in light of slow dial-up internet connections and older technology, adding video wasn’t practical and easy for general website usage. However with the advancement in the internet technology, and along with the new streaming technology, it is possible to view the audio and video files online with very little or almost no buffering. Therefore, video is now available as a very significant feature that can be used online with ease.

There are still some size and quality considerations in terms of adding the video fields, however if all the factors are set right, videos can present with the most impressive and efficient way of introducing your company or presenting your products/services. Introducing yourself with online videos creates a better and lasting impression on the minds of the people.

The potential customers will look at who you are and what you can do for them. A brief video that describes your business and your offerings is a very pleasant way of educating the potential customers. Moreover you also save a lot of time with it.

A video website has a better impact on the search engine rankings. In the near future, videos would be an important part of the search engine results. Google always tries to provide the best results to the user by optimizing the search results and it also focuses on providing the most appropriate information to the user.

Once you have posted a video on your website and optimized it for the search engines, it will be easy for the potential clients to locate your website and its video content. If there is a video included in the search engine results, the searcher will surely prefer it instead of any other competitor website.

Web hosting for videos

In order to create a website that has videos in it, the only necessity is to have an appropriate web hosting plan. Selecting a web hosting plan for your video website depends on two main factors – size of the videos and the amount of traffic to your website.

You can host a video website on a shared hosting plan or a dedicated or VPS hosting depending on these two factors. You can also incorporate the content management streams like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla or Magento for making the website more impressive.

One must make sure that the bandwidth and web space provided in the web hosting plan is sufficient for the loading of the videos and smooth functioning of the website. Moreover the web host should offer powerful features like round the clock technical assistance and real time server monitoring for ensuring the uptime and speed of the website.

Videos are a very convenient way of reaching out to people. Adding videos  to your website and hosting the website with a an efficient web host is a great way to interact with potential customers and it is also a great way to showcase your products and services.

There might be appropriate words and photographs that can be used to convey the message, however when you use a video along with words and photographs, you will definitely have a very successful stint at selling your product.


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