6 Tips For Better Magento Conversion Rates

April 23, 2019 / Internet Marketing Web Hosting

Magento Conversion rates

To keep up with the quick-paced changes in today’s eCommerce environments, it is important that Magento store owners do everything they can to maximise opportunities. So, even if your online shop already has a steady stream of sales, there are still things you can do to boost those conversion rates even more. In this article, we’ll show you six tips to help you improve your Magento conversion rates and drive more sales.

  1. Set up Google Analytics
    Google Analytics is an incredibly informative tool that provides invaluable insights into the performance of your Magento site. These include visitor numbers and demographics, the times when users visit and the devices they use. You can even discover where they found your site (Google Search, Bing, Facebook, etc.), which page they land on, how long they stay on each page and how they navigate through your site. You can also create goals to monitor the success of your sales funnels.
    Having all this free data to hand helps you find out whether your Magento site is performing well at converting customers and pinpoints where potential problems might be – such as showing any pages where large numbers of people exit the site.
  2. Implement split testing
    Split testing is an incredibly valuable way to compare two different versions of your content in order to see which is most effective. For example, if Google Analytics showed you that there were issues with your Magento checkout page, you could create two new versions and use split testing to see which one of them led to the most sales. Even tiny adjustments, such as the colour of a button or the wording of a call to action (CTA) can have an impact.
    Split testing works by randomly delivering the two versions of the page to different users – so if you had 1,000 visitors, 500 would see one version and 500 the other. If the conversion rates were significantly higher for one of the versions, you would know that this was the one to use.
  3. Publish better product images
    Poor product images aren’t great for selling products and they don’t give a fantastic user experience either. And as images are absolutely critical for selling online, it’s imperative that you provide the image quality that today’s shoppers expect.
    Luckily, you don’t need to be David Bailey to take a good product pic, but you will need a decent camera (many smartphone cameras are good enough), a tripod, adequate light, a suitable background and some basic editing software (which again is available on many smartphones). With a little effort, you can dramatically improve the quality of your images which makes your products look more attractive and boosts sales.
  4. Write a helpful product description
    If you know who is visiting your Magento site (see Google Analytics above), you’ll have a good idea about what they are looking for in the products you sell. If you put these together, you’ll be able to write a product description that is aimed at your actual visitors and which discusses the benefits they are seeking. This is far more effective than simply copying and pasting any generic marketing text supplied by the manufacturer.
    Unique product descriptions also mean you won’t have the same content as every other supplier, and this can help improve your Google ranking and increase the numbers of people who visit your site.
  5. Show some social proof
    Today’s purchasers are a sceptical lot and they need to be convinced not only about your products but about the service you provide. Telling them is one thing, getting them to believe you, is another.
    To convince them, try to use social proof on your Magento site. There are numerous things you can do to create a trustworthy impression:
    1. Get customers to leave product reviews and ratings.
    2. Enable reviews of your business on Trust Pilot and Google
    3. Display customer testimonials.
    4. Ensure you have an SSL certificate so that you get a secure icon next to your URL on browsers
      By being open and transparent, even if there are one or two not so good reviews, you are more likely to improve sales.
  6. Streamline the checkout
    It’s a proven fact that the longer and more complicated the online checkout process, the more customers will abandon their cart. Taking measures to streamline the buying process can have a significant effect on conversion rates.
    To make things quicker, avoid making your customers provide too many details or go through long-winded upsell pages. Instead, enable them to pay as guests with the minimum of fuss so that only the essential details for payment and delivery need to be provided. You can even cut some of these by offering different payment gateways, such as PayPal, which can automate much of the process.


Hopefully, these six tips will have shown you how to improve conversion rates on your Magento site. By using analytics, split testing, high-quality images, better descriptions, social proof and streamlined checkouts, you will be able to deliver a customer experience that increases the number of visitors who purchase and helps boost overall sales.

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