5 Best Conversion Boosting Magento 2 Extensions

5 Best Conversion Boosting Magento 2 Extensions

Best Conversion Boosting Magento2 Extensions

While Magento is a fantastic eCommerce platform straight out of the box, there are a plethora of extensions available that can enhance your online store and give you the additional functionality to help you run your business better, make your site more appealing for customers and boost conversion rates. Here, we’ll look at 5 must have conversion boosting extensions for Magento 2.

1. Loyalty Program

With the cost of online advertising going up, it pays to keep your customers loyal. Indeed, it’s estimated that returning customers can generate up to 80% of an online store’s revenue. This is because conversion rates for existing customers are significantly higher than for new ones. 

One way to encourage customers to keep coming back is to reward them for shopping with you and the Loyalty Program extension is the way to do this.

The main benefit of this extension is its flexibility. It enables you to create loyalty programs that offer the rewards you want and which are tailored to your customers. You can even set up multiple programs and reward structures and set your own rules.

2. Nosto

Personalising the customer experience by providing them with the products and offers that are relevant to their browsing behaviours and purchase history can have a massive impact on sales. You just have to look at Amazon to see how effective this is.

Using artificial intelligence, Nosto provides Magento 2 users (there’s a version for Magento 1 as well) with the functionality needed to put personalisation into place. It does this by analysing, in real-time, hundreds of thousands of data points across your eCommerce store and, in doing so, enables you to create powerful, one to one, multi-channel marketing campaigns.

Nosto lets you launch new campaigns and make changes to existing ones simply and quickly, giving you full control over merchandising rules using its user-friendly interface.

3. Bingo Elastic Search

The customer experience is crucial for success in today’s online market and key to this is making it easy for them to search your website for the products they are looking for. Bingo Elastic Search provides this functionality with gusto.

As soon as you install it, it indexes your entire site, enabling customers to search not only with keywords and phrases, but also with serial numbers, SKUs and other product identifiers that searchers may be using.   

Additionally, it uses smart search filters to improve the accuracy of its results, it has an in-built spell check to ensure customers get the product names right and even customises landing pages for custom search queries. 

4. One Step Checkout

It has long been known that the more onerous and complicated you make it to buy products on your website, the more sales you lose. According to a survey by baymard.com, 34% of people have abandoned a cart because they were required to create an account and 26% have abandoned because it took too long.

One solution to help streamline and speed up the checkout process is to install the One Step Checkout extension. This was designed to solve issues with the Magento 2 default checkout process where customers have to reload the page if they want to skip to the next step or go back. It also enables customers to add additional information, such as specifying delivery times, asking for gift wrap or leaving order messages.

Fully responsive, the extension features an optimised checkout page and Google address suggestions as well as auto-updating order information and supporting a wide range of payment options.

5. Layered Navigation

If you have lots of categories and products on your store it can be difficult for customers to navigate to them, potentially leading people to abandon the site. The Layered Navigation extension is designed to make finding things much easier. It does this by extending the default navigation features of Magento 2 so that a customer can apply multiple filters (size, cost, colour, brand, etc. ) to the products in a category so that only the items they are looking for are displayed.

This kind of navigation, with the filters displayed for checking in the sidebar, is common on most leading eCommerce sites and has become something that many customers come to accept as standard, simply because it makes browsing items so much easier. With this extension, you can now bring this functionality to your site, improving the user experience as you do.


The extensions mentioned here are useful because of the additional functionality they bring to your Magento website. They enable customers to discover products with ease and pay quickly without hassle while enabling you to offer personalised shopping experiences and loyalty programs. If you are looking to get the best performance from your Magento or Magento 2 store, check out our dedicated Magento hosting packages.


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