How to Set up an e-mail alias in Plesk

May 17, 2024 / Plesk


Email aliases help keep your main email address private. For instance, if your primary email is [email protected], you might not want to expose it to avoid spam. Instead, you can create an alias like [email protected] and share that address publicly. Any emails sent to [email protected] will be delivered to your [email protected] inbox.

This guide explains how to set up email aliases in Plesk.

Steps to Configure an Email Alias in Plesk –

  1. Log in to Plesk.
  2. Go to the “Mail” section.
  3. Click on the email address for which you want to create an alias.
    Click on the email address
  4. Click on the “Email Aliases” tab.
  5. Enter the alias you want to create (e.g., [email protected]).
  6. Click “OK” to add the alias.
    Email Aliases
  7. You will receive a success message.

Note – Send a test email to the alias address to confirm it forwards to your main email address.

In such a manner, you can set up an e-mail alias in Plesk. If you encounter any problem, feel free to contact our support team, they are available 24×7.

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