How to Set up a cPanel Site/Domain Redirect

April 26, 2023 / Domain

In your cPanel, you can set up a redirect for your domain. You may redirect all of the users of a domain or specific page to a different URL using the Redirects interface.

Follow the steps:

  1. Log in to the cPanel account.
  2. Locate the “Domains” category and click on the “Redirects” option.
  3. Select the “Type” of redirect using the drop-down arrow.
    1. Permanent (301): this redirect will modify bookmarks for users and point search engines to the new website.
    2. Temporary (302): The user or search engine will be redirected, but the bookmark will not be updated, and the search engine will keep indexing the old page.
  4. Select the domain you wish to redirect using the drop-down arrow.
    all public domains
  5. Use the text field that follows the drop-down menu to type the name of the folder or file if you only want to redirect one page or directory.
  6. In the Redirects to section, provide the complete URL of the webpage to which your domain will lead users. Make a note of the thing that you must also include the protocol, such as http:// or https:// .
    redirects to
  7. Choose whether you want your domain to redirect with the “www” using the following three options:
    1. Only redirect with www: The redirect will only be effective if visitors include “www.” as part of the URL.
    2. Redirect with or without www: The redirect will function whether or not www. is included in the URL.
    3. Do Not redirect www: If visitors include www. as part of the URL, the redirect will not be effective.
      www. redirection
  8. If you want the names of all the files in the current directory to be redirected to the same files in the new directory, select Wild Card Redirect.
    Wild card redirect
  9. Click on the “Add” button.

This way you can set up a cPanel site/domain redirect. If you need help, please post your question on our web hosting forums. A member of our community will likely have an answer for you.


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