This tutorial will help you to understand how to modify the session’s idle timeout in Plesk. A session timeout occurs when a user does not interact with a website for an extended time. This can be only done by the Admins.

Follow the steps to modify sessions idle timeout in Plesk:

  1. Log in to Plesk.


  2. Select the “Tools & settings” option.


  3. In tools and settings, you will find many options.
  4. Select the “Security” option.


  5. Click on the “Session Idle Timeout” sub-option from the list.


  6. You can reset to default or you can set the time as per requirement.


  7. Tick the box “Allow IP address changes during a single session” if you wish.


  8. Click on the “Ok” button.


  9. You will receive a success message.

Excellent, you finally know how to use Plesk to modify the session’s idle timeout in Plesk. More tutorials to help you develop a successful website may be found in our Knowledge Base section.