How to Install Latest PHP version using WHM

February 15, 2022 / cPanel & WHM

This article will take you through the procedure of installing the latest PHP version using WHM.

PHP is a scripting language rooted in HTML on the server end. Used to manage databases, active content, tracking, and building sites, it is united with databases such as MySQL, Oracle, Sybase, Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL.


Let us go through the steps:

  1.  Log in to the WHM.
    WHM Login
  2. Select the “Easy Apache4” option under the “Software” group.
    Easy Apache4
  3. Click on the option “Customize”.
  4. Select “PHP Versions” from the left-hand side.
    PHP Versions
  5. Select the latest PHP version and slide the switch to the right side to install it.
  6. Select any one option out of the two given below.
  7. Now select the “Review” option.
  8. Click “Provision” so that it will install the PHP version you selected.
  9. You will see the Provision process has started.
    Provision process started
  10. After finishing you will get a success message “The Provision process is complete”.
  11. Finally click on the “Done” button.

We hope now you understand what a PHP version is and how to install an up-to-date PHP version using WHM.

Once you install the latest PHP version using WHM, you can change the PHP version for specific domains or accounts in cPanel. Switching to the latest PHP version is essential for compatibility with various applications and scripts.

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