In this article, you will be explained how to import email accounts in cPanel. Instead of individually creating each account or forwarder, you can save time by importing.

Note: Verify the data is in a format that cPanel understands. To import data, you can utilize Microsoft® Excel® spreadsheet files (.xls) or comma-separated values sheet (.csv) files.

Let us find out how to import email accounts in cPanel:

1) Log in to your cPanel account.

2) Find the “Email” section and select it.

3) Click on the “Address Importer” sub-option under it.

4) You will find 2 steps:

(a) Step1- Select the “Email Accounts” option.

(b) Step2- Choose CSV or XLS file on your computer.

(c) Step3- Tick the box “Treat the first row as column headers” if you ever wish cPanel to ignore the first row of your file’s data.

5) Click on the “Next” button.

6) You will be directed to a new page.

(a) Step1- Choose the header for each column from the dropdown menu in the table.

(b) Step2- Select the domain for the email accounts.

7) Click on the “Next” button.

8) Click on the “Finish” button.

9) You will get a message “Performing Import, please be patient”.

10) You can check the accounts added to your “Email Accounts”.

In this way you can easily import email accounts in cPanel. For any assistance contact Webhosting UK support staff as we are available for you 24×7.