The following tutorial is going to walk you through the process of editing System Mail Preferences.

Let us proceed further with the steps:

1. Log in to WHM.

2. Choose the “Server Contacts” option.

3. Select the “Edit Mail System Preferences” sub-option.

4. You will enter a new page and here you can edit the system Mail Preferences.

5. Edit the email address used to send system information. Normally, the system sends emails to the root regarding server faults and typical server activities.

6. To forward an email to one or more users on the server, or email addresses, enter them in a comma-separated list.

7. You’ll be able to adjust where cPanel, nobody, and root users’ emails are sent.

8. Make changes and click on the “Update” button.

Hope you understood everything clearly. Even if you don’t then you can just raise a ticket, live chat or directly call Webhosting UK experts. They will definitely help you.