How to Configure Plesk’s Email Auto Reply

March 2, 2023 / Plesk

This guide explains how to configure Plesk’s email Auto reply. Plesk is a web hosting control panel that allows users to manage their hosting accounts, including email accounts. Plesk’s email auto-reply feature, also known as “vacation message,” allows users to set up an automatic email response when they are away from their email for a period.

Let us follow the steps:

  1. Log in to Plesk.
  2. Select the “Websites & Domains” option from the left-hand side of the screen.
    Select the “Websites & Domains”
  3. Click on the “Mail Accounts” option.
    "Mail Accounts” option
  4. Click on the “+Create Email Address” tab.
    Create email Address
  5. Select the “Auto-Reply” tab.
    Select the “Auto-Reply”
  6. Fill out the fields for “auto-reply message subject, message format, and message text, then whom to forward it to, how often to do so, how to attach a file, and when to turn off auto-reply.
    Fill out the fields for auto-reply message
  7. Click on the “OK” button.
    Click on OK

Once you have set up the auto-reply, anyone who sends an email to your account during the specified date range will receive an automatic response with the message you have set up. When the date range ends, the auto-reply will automatically turn off. Hope you understood very well. For help, reach out to our support team.

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