Create a Mailing List in cPanel

Mailman is an open source mailing list provided in cPanel. Mailman allows you to create multiple mailing lists and add different email addresses in them. Mailing list eases your work to send multiple emails on a single click.

How to create a mailing list in cPanel and add email address in it.

Step 1: Login into your cPanel.

Step 2: Look for “Mailing Lists” option in “Mail” section.

mailing list

Step 3: Click on “Mailing Lists” to move ahead. You can fill all the parameters below “Create a Mailing List” option to create a new list. Click on “Add Mailing List” once you add all the information.

add mailing list

Step 4: You will be on the below page once a mailing list is created successfully. Click on “Go Back” option to go back on the previous page to check the mailing list which you just created.

go back

Step 5: You will be able to see the name of the list which you created in “List Name” section and 3 options in front of it to make changes in that particular list. Click on “Manage” option to make changes in that mailing list.

manage mailing list cpanel

You be on the below page once you click on “Manage” option. Enter the “password of the mailing list” created and proceed.

Step 6: You will be on the below page once you log in into your mailing list. You can fill all the required information and your mailing list will be ready to send mails.

general options