We will explain how to change IP addresses of multiple sites/accounts in WHM in this post.

In certain instances, you may need to add a new IP address to a server or modify the server’s shared IP address. You do not need to update each of these accounts individually. WHM users have the ability to modify the IP addresses of numerous sites or accounts simultaneously.

Let’s understand the process to modify or change IP Addresses in WHM

1. Log in to “WHM using your root user name and password”.

2. Select “Multi-Account Functions” from the left side menu bar.

3. Select “Change IP Addresses for Multiple Sites”

3. Now you must choose the box next to the Domain in order to modify the site’s IP address.

4. Change IP Addresses of “Selected Accounts”

The chosen accounts’ information will be shown.

5. Choose a new IP address for each domain account from the New Address dropdown list.

6. In the end, click on “Change IPs”.

This should cause WHM to update the IP addresses associated with these numerous accounts.

Important note: Changing the IP addresses of numerous accounts may take some time, as the system will apply the changes and modify different parameters. It entails changing the DNS zone, setting Apache to use the new IP addresses, and performing DNS propagation.

We sincerely hope that you must now have a clear idea regarding how to Change the IP Addresses in WHM for Multiple Sites/Accounts. However, if you are still facing any difficulty in the procedure mentioned above, feel free to reach out to Webhosting UK for proactive support by 24×7.