This guide will show you how to add a domain to your Plesk account. Just follow these few easy steps and you will be successful in adding a new domain to your Plesk account.

  1. Log in to Plesk.

2. Click on Domains from the left-hand side. 

3. Click Add Domain button after entering Domains.

4. A new page with the title Adding New Domain Name will display.

5. After www, type your domain name in the Domain Name area.

6. By default, the name of the primary domain appears in the Location of the website’s files.

7. Choose any choice from the Hosting type drop-down box. The website hosting option gives you the ability to host a website as well as email services. You can use the forwarding option to divert traffic from one website to another. You can host DNS and email services, but not a website, with no hosting option.

8. Tick the box Activate the DNS service if you’re using your hosting provider’s DNS service. Untick this box if you’re utilizing a DNS service offered by your registrant.

9. Tick the checkbox Activate the mail service if you want to use email services on the same server. Untick this box if you’re utilizing a remote mail service.

10. Plesk fills in the Document root and Preferred domain settings in the Hosting Settings automatically. You can change the parameters to suit your needs.

11. If your domain is pointing to a server and you wish to secure it with a Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate, check the box Secure the domain using Let’s Encrypt and then click on the OK button.

12. This process requires 2-3 minutes and once done you will get a success message.

In this simple way, you can easily add a new domain name to your account in Plesk. If you have any problems with this process, feel free to contact our customer service team via live chat (24x7x365).