7 Ways to Drive Social Media Traffic in 2021

June 21, 2021 / Marketing

Ways to Drive Social Media Traffic

Looking to grow your social media audience in 2021 and drive more customers to your website? We’ve been looking at the latest social media trends to find what the market leaders are up to. Here are some of the most effective ideas being used today.  

  1. Use channels that count
    The key to spending your social media advertising budget effectively and getting the maximum ROI is to choose the platforms used by your target audience. For example, if you are a B2B business, you’re more likely to be successful on a business centred platform like LinkedIn than on Instagram.
    Two things are important here – rather than target the social media platform where most of your users have accounts, choose the ones where they are most active; at the same time, be mindful of how user preferences for particular channels change over time, especially when new channels become popular.
  2. Geo-fencing
    Using visitors’ physical locations, geo-fencing allows advertisers to target their audiences at exactly the right time to have the most impact, i.e., when they are in the vicinity of your business. What’s more, combined with the demographic targeting offered by social media platforms, it enables companies to promote offers that are of interest to those consumers. By combining location with user interest data, geo-fencing can increase revenue by over a quarter.
  3. Detailed product listing ads (PLAs)
    Product listing ads can significantly boost product sales, but the key to making them work effectively is to answer customers’ questions in the ad so they have all the information they need to click through without having to do further research. Give details that you think the customer wants to know and, for even greater impact, combine textual information with attractive product images.
  4. Pinterest’s rich pins
    With 77% of Pinterest’s 300 million monthly users using the site to find new brands and products, often before searching elsewhere, it’s a once overlooked social media platform that businesses today are starting to return to. One of the main drivers for businesses are promoted rich pins which display rich snippet style information about your products taken from the metadata you include on your website.
  5. Brand advocate recruitment
    Marketers are looking at influencers in a completely new way. Ten years ago, everyone wanted a sponsorship deal with big-time influencers. Companies then realised that they could reach just as many customers but more cost-effectively by using groups of micro-influencers. Today, the focus is on brand advocates or nano-influencers. Essentially, these are followers who like the brand, buy the products and tell their friends about it.
    Rather than spend a fortune on setting up a sponsorship deal with a major influencer, companies are recruiting brand advocates simply by offering them discounts and special offers. The big value here is that many people will trust their friends’ recommendations more than they will an influencer – today, everyone knows that influencers are paid to promote products.
  6. Create sharable content
    The whole idea of social media is that it’s a community thing. People want to share things that they think their circle of friends and followers will like. These can be things that are funny, touching, informative and helpful or things that people want to promote or advocate, whether that’s a brand, a product or a social issue, like the environment.
    Creating content that is made to be shared not only increases brand awareness to a wider audience: it can also help build relationships and loyalty with that audience, thus helping to increase long term sales.
  7. Use social media to drive trust
    When it comes to acquiring new customers, it’s important to understand that today’s consumers are very sceptical about brands they are unfamiliar with. When it comes to shopping, 9 out of 10 consumers look for social proof, often in the form of friend recommendations and customer reviews and ratings.
    Today, companies don’t just try to inspire their customers to give them good reviews on social media, they promote their ratings and reviews in their posts. Many ads and social posts include rating scores from sites like Trustpilot and Trip Advisor, as well as comments from reviews and testimonials. Doing so can give new customers increased confidence to buy from you.


While social media continues to drive lots of visitors to business websites, companies are always looking for more effective ways to achieve this. Here, we have looked at seven of the most effective trends being used by successful brands on platforms today. Hopefully, they will help you find effective solutions to increase traffic to your website.

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