6 Ways to Drive More Traffic to Your Website

July 7, 2022 / SEO Web Design and Development


A website is a critical asset. In today’s digital age, it’s the place where many of your customers will discover your products and services, and from where they will make purchases or provide leads. For this reason, a business’ success can depend on how many visitors its website gets. So, if you are looking to drive even more people to your website, here are some of the methods other companies successfully use.

  1. Learn about your audience

    Before you start looking for ways to attract a wider audience to your website, it makes sense to find out who your existing audience is. Only when you know this can you start to implement strategies that attract the audience you want.

    Using tools, like Google Analytics, can tell you a great deal about your audience demographics and their behaviour on your site. You can find out who visits, where from, when, which of your pages they look at and which they don’t, how long they stay on your site and much more. With these insights, you’ll have a better grasp of how to move forward.

  2. Customer-focused content

    A lot of website pages are focused specifically on the company and its products or services. While these are necessary, they aren’t always created with different users in mind. To attract new visitors, most companies create blog posts that address the needs of, or solve problems for, their customers. If you sell fridges, for example, a blog post about the different types of fridges available or what to look for in a good fridge can help those customers who are unsure about their next purchase.

    This approach works because those blog posts are searchable on the internet and sharable on social media, and people looking for them will be sent to your website, increasing your traffic. Additionally, you can mention and link to your products and services in the content, thus increasing your chances of a sale.

  3. Make use of organic social media

    If your ad budget is limited, the potential to make use of the free side of social media is not. As a business, you can post content of all kinds, not just your blog posts or information about your products and services. Having a social media strategy with posts on different platforms aimed at the interests of different types of users will enable you to engage a wider audience and bring more people to your site. Where possible, consider using images and video as these have a greater attraction on social media and will give your post a better chance of being seen.

  4. Get subscribers

    Driving traffic to your website doesn’t mean you have to consistently focus on new visitors. Ideally, you want those who have visited once to keep coming back. One of the ways to do this is to grow your email subscriber list. Once signed up, subscribers can receive marketing and other emails with links to special offers, discounts, new products, news and blog posts. Some businesses have enormous subscriber lists enabling them to reach millions of people and attract them back to the website.

    Most companies tempt people to sign up through a special offer, e.g., ‘Sign up for emails to get 10% off your next purchase.’ You’ll need to set up a subscription form and automated emails to do this, but there are plenty of plugins that can make the process easy.

  5. Improve your SEO

    The higher your website pages rank in search engine results, the more traffic you will get. One of the most effective ways to rank higher is to improve your SEO (search engine optimisation). SEO is an area with a broad reach, covering everything from the speed of your website and its mobile friendliness to the structure of your site and the use and placement of keywords. Working on these areas can help your site meet more of the criteria that search engines look for when ranking sites and ensure that you are using the most appropriate keywords for your intended audience.

    If you need help with SEO, then all-inclusive tools, like marketgoo, can really simplify the process for you.

  6. Find a niche influencer

    While mega influencers with hundreds of millions of followers might be financially beyond the reach of most companies, there are tens of thousands of micro-influencers across all the social media platforms that can drive lots of new traffic to your site.

    These smaller-scale influencers might have fewer followers, but they have an advantage in that many of them are focused on niche subjects. Choose a micro-influencer that is relevant to your business (for example, an angling influencer if you sell fishing gear), and for a small fee or even a freebie, they might promote your company to the specific audience you want.


Increasing new and returning traffic is vital if businesses are to succeed, but it can be hard to find ways to do this. Hopefully, the points raised here will help you find ways to make your site more visible online and attract the customers your company needs.

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