How to Deactivate the WordPress Plugins

October 18, 2021 / WordPress

We’ll show you how to disable WordPress plugins in this article. Complete the procedure by following the instructions.

There are three methods for disabling WordPress plugins:

A) The Dashboard in wp-admin

B) Client for FTP (FileZilla)


Note: Before making any modifications to your website, we strongly advise you to back it up completely. It will enable you to reconsider the changes you intend to make to the website.

We will show how deativate WordPress Plugins via Dashboard

1. Go to your WordPress dashboard and log in.

2. Select Installed Plugins from the navigation menu under Plugins.

The plugins that are currently installed on your WordPress account will be listed. You may also check their statuses to see which ones are active right now.

3. The Deactivate button is located next to the active plugins. To turn off or disable the plugin, click on it.

All of your plugins will be deactivated once the page is refreshed.

Now, we will demonstrate how to deactivate WordPress Plugins through FTP

1. First, you need to connect to your server via FTP (We’ll use FileZilla in this example)

2. Go to the root folder of your website.

3. Go to the /wp-content directory.

4. Choose the /plugins directory. Then rename it to plugins or something like that disable.

5. All of your plugins will now be turned off.

Now we’ll show you how to deactivate WordPress Plugins via SSH

1. Use SSH to connect to your server.

2. Go to the root folder of your website.

Navigate to the /wp-content folder using the cd command.
cd wp-content

Rename the /plugin folder using the mv command.
mv plugin plugin.disable

3. All of your plugins will now be turned off.

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