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WHUK Relocates HQ to Prestigious Platform Tech Hub, Leeds

WHUK Relocates HQ to Prestigious Platform Tech Hub, Leeds


We’re excited to announce that Webhosting UK, together with our parent company, The Hyperslice Group, has moved into new headquarters at the Platform Tech Hub in the centre of Leeds. A key part of our £5M development strategy, the relocation brings the group’s web hosting, managed IT, cybersecurity, business continuity and cloud solutions expertise and services to within easy reach of the city’s burgeoning business community.

Expanding our services to the north

Our relocation not only expands the variety of tech and digital services already offered by the 80+ enterprises at Platform; as the UK’s leading independent managed hosting company, WHUK is able to support those enterprises as they evolve and has the opportunity to work in partnership with them to continue the development of our own services.

What’s more, with Platform sited right next to Leeds train station, transport links via rail and the M62 make it easier for the Hyperslice and WHUK teams to meet clients face to face and enables us to recruit new talent from across the region.

Deb Hetherington, speaking for Platform’s proprietor, Bruntwood SciTech, said, “We’re delighted that Hyperslice has chosen to locate their headquarters to Platform. They’ll be a brilliant addition to the community which is already home to more than 80 of the city’s leading digital and tech startups, scale-ups, and larger businesses. Hyperslice is moving into our dedicated Tech Hub and we’re looking forward to working with them to help their business grow even further, providing them with access to talent, funding, and connecting them into our large partner network.”

Progressive plans

Another key part of our £5m development strategy is the building of a brand-new northern data centre and we are already exploring potential sites for this state-of-the-art facility which we hope to have up and running in 2023. This will enable The Hyperslice Group, including WHUK, to provide our growing customer base with an even wider range of high performance, high-availability, managed IT and web hosting solutions.

To achieve this, we also intend to double our number of staff over the next year. In preparation for our expansion and the exciting projects we have planned, we have relocated the groups’ technical teams to new facilities in York. These spaces have improved access to northern data centres and provide the additional space and facilities we need to extend our R&D teams and develop the digital services that customers will need in the future.

Accelerating our sustainability

Like all companies, we are aware that we need to pick up the pace of decarbonisation and our development plans go a long way to achieving this. Our headquarters at Platform and the York technical facilities both have the highest EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) rating of A, while our new data centre will have eco-friendly solutions built in from the ground up. The fabric of the building will be greener, the technology will be highly energy-efficient and even the construction project itself will be environmentally friendly.

From a services point of view, our focus going forward is for our research and development teams to ensure that the new hosting platforms and applications we develop are also eco-friendly. In this way, we aim to provide better services both in terms of quality and sustainability.

At the same time, our new premises also have excellent transport links, making it easier for our employees to use public transport when they meet with clients or team up to collaborate on projects. To minimise our carbon footprint from commuting even more and to improve our employees’ work-life balance, we’ve also introduced flexible and remote working.

How Webhosting UK can help you

The needs of businesses and organisations have evolved enormously since our web hosting venture was launched in 2001. At WHUK and across The Hyperslice Group, we have continued to develop our services to meet the needs of clients who, today, are increasingly reliant on managed hosting solutions to run their websites and other applications.

Today, Webhosting UK offers everything from shared hosting to advanced cloud solutions, helping individuals, SME’s and large organisations with fast, reliable and secure hosting. Hyperslice itself, meanwhile, specialises in consultancy led, strategic partnerships that provide organisations with bespoke managed IT solutions across infrastructure, connectivity, security, recovery, business continuity and support.

What makes The Hyperslice Group unique, is that the breadth of our expertise is shared throughout all its constituent companies. Whether you are a WHUK customer or a Hyperslice customer, exceptional service and know-how are guaranteed. And as your organisation evolves, we’ve got your needs covered at every stage of your journey. Our customers certainly agree, thousands of them have reviewed us on Trustpilot and our rating is 4.9/5.

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