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November 28, 2022 / Servers


As cybercrime continues to advance in sophistication and increase in volume, every business owner has to put security high on their agenda. If you have a Linux server, the most popular type of server for running websites and other applications, then you are constantly at risk of a wide range of cyber attacks, including hacking, malware, and ransomware, all of which have the potential to breach your server, gain access to your website and data, and in the worst-case scenario, put you out of business. It is vital, therefore, that you put robust security in place to defend against all types of attacks. In this post, we look at Imunify360, a tool that offers comprehensive security specifically designed for Linux servers.   

An overview of Imunify360

Using the latest in artificial intelligence, Imunify360 provides Linux servers with six layers of powerful security to prevent malicious attacks from breaching your system and causing potentially irreparable damage. It is able to detect and locate evolving threats and using AI can modify its multi-layer security measures to ensure your server, website, and apps are protected from all types of threats. What’s more, through deep and detailed scanning and regular patches, it boosts security even further by ridding your system of vulnerabilities that leave it open to attacks.

Why Imunify360 is a powerful security tool

Apart from making use of AI, which enables it to discover and take action against new and evolving threats, Imunify360 comes with a strikingly powerful suite of features, each of which provides a different layer of protection for your Linux Server. Here we look at those features in more detail.

Web application firewall

Imunify360 comes with a powerful web application firewall with built-in advanced safety measures including herd immunity. It filters, monitors, and blocks malicious HTTP/S traffic directed at web applications, like your website, and stops unauthorised data from leaving. As a result, it protects you from a wide range of attacks, including DoS attacks, SQL injection, port scans, brute force attacks, and cross-site scripting (XSS). What’s more, it also uses artificial intelligence to detect new threats and to prevent unauthorised users from accessing your system, applications, and data.

Intrusion detection and prevention system

With Imunify360, you also have the advantage of a central intrusion detection and prevention system. With this, the tool is able to eradicate any potential threat through the deployment of a deny policy that bars any IP address that it considers to be a risk. It also scans and monitors all the files on your server for malicious code. What’s more, by reducing the possibility of identifying false positives and negatives, this feature accurately detects potential threats, ensuring you are not unexpectedly caught out.


Imunify360 also comes with an advanced antivirus feature, Antivirus+. What makes this different from standard antivirus programs is that it implements deobfuscation. Deobfuscation is the process of spotting and removing malicious code hidden deep in your files. With Antivirus+ all it takes is a single click and you can seek out these highly concealed threats, many of which can lie dormant on your server, before they are activated and cause damage.

Domain Name

Hardened PHP

While most Linux server users are accustomed to updating their website core software, plugins, and themes, many aren’t aware of the need to update and patch their version of PHP. Failure to do this can also leave your server vulnerable to attack. Imunify360 takes care of this issue as its regular patches will update your version of PHP, eradicating any security holes.

Kernel live-patching

The most crucial part of your operating system, the kernel has complete control over everything running on your server and if this is compromised it could lead to serious issues. Imunify360 not only patches your kernel for you, ensuring it is up-to-date and vulnerability free; it also does this live. This way, you won’t need to reboot your server after the update, so your applications and website stay online.

Control panel integration

For ease of use, Imunify360 is designed to integrate with your existing control panel. This means you don’t have to have a separate login to access its dashboard and features, making it simple to manage your security and keep an eye on the state of your server.


In an era of increasing cyberattacks on business systems, it is important to put robust defences into place. Imunify360 is a powerful and comprehensive security tool designed specifically to protect Linux servers from a wide range of threats. Easy to install and deploy, you can have your server fully protected, around the clock, in no time. For more information, visit our Imunify360 page.


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