5 Tips to Improve Online Checkout CX

October 26, 2022 / Internet Marketing


On average, around 45% of online customers who get to a website checkout end up not completing the purchase. It’s an issue that results in a significant loss of income for online stores. For many shoppers, the problem is not the product or the price, but the checkout experience. In this post, we’ll look at a range of changes website owners can implement to improve this experience and increase the number of customers that complete their purchases.

  1. Have a one-page checkout
    One of the tenets of great CX is making things easy and convenient for your customers. When it comes to the checkout this means letting them do everything on one page. If they are forced to go through several pages, waiting for each to load, then having to fill in more information and not even knowing whether this is the last page or not, will make many frustrated.
    Streamlining your checkout process so that everything is on one page makes it quicker and easier and provides a better experience. It lets customers easily double-check that their details are correct and means that if they have made a mistake, they don’t have to go back to another page to rectify it.
  2. Enable customers to checkout as guests
    Not everyone will want to create a user account on your website, especially if they are expecting to shop with you just the once. This can put a lot of people off as they might not want to provide you with personal data or want bombarding with marketing emails. At the same time, requiring people to complete the registration process while they are in the middle of buying something, lengthens and overcomplicates the purchase process, particularly if this involves having to verify email addresses and set up login credentials. By enabling guest checkout, you make the checkout experience more convenient and increase the chances that those customers will return.
  3. Provide multiple payment options
    Today’s customers tend to have a preference for how they pay online, often choosing a method that they find both convenient and secure. Delivering great checkout CX means catering for those preferences. The wider choice of options you provide, the more shoppers you’ll be able to satisfy. Consider deploying options that let customers use digital wallets and where payment details stored on their devices can be automatically inputted on your forms rather than manually typed – as this makes it quicker and less hassle. This is particularly helpful for people shopping on mobiles while out and about and who don’t want the hassle of having to pull out a bank card and type in the numbers.
  4. Deliver to multiple addresses
    Many stores now enable shoppers to have the products they have purchased delivered to any address they choose. The big customer experience advantage here is that it gives shoppers the ability to send gifts to friends and family, buy things when they are on holiday, and get their takeaways delivered to wherever they are.
    Letting shoppers send gifts to friends and family is particularly helpful if you combine it with gift wrapping. This way, the customer doesn’t have to buy the wrapping, spend time wrapping the product or pay for it to be posted forward once they have wrapped it. What’s more, with only one delivery taking place, it’s also a much greener way to send gifts.
  5. Offer multiple delivery options
    A lack of delivery options can provide a poor experience if shipping is too slow, it costs too much or if signed-for deliveries are scheduled to arrive when no one is home.
    Providing a range of options can give customers a choice that better suits their needs. Offering a next-day delivery option satisfies those that need things quickly, while a three-working-day option can make things less expensive. Meanwhile, setting up click-and-collect can make it more convenient for those who will be away from home when delivery is due. Today, there is a national network of retail outlets taking part in click-and-collect schemes, including post offices and local convenience stores. These outlets benefit because they earn income from offering collections and it brings new customers into their stores.
    For additional convenience, you could also offer a shipping insurance option. You never know when a carrier might get the wrong address or drop a fragile parcel, or when someone might steal items that have been left in the garden or ‘round the back’.  


With over 80% of shoppers willing to pay more for better experiences, it’s no wonder that CX is the battlefront on which today’s online retailers are competing. Hopefully, the tips given here will help you deliver better CX at one of the most crucial stages of the purchasing process – the checkout. For a range of business-class eCommerce hosting solutions, visit our homepage.


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