5 Must-Have Magento Marketing Extensions

5 Must-Have Magento Marketing Extensions

Magento Marketing

Magento is designed especially for eCommerce stores but the success of any online retailer is, in many ways, down to how effectively they market their brand and their products. Whilst the Magento software provides the necessary tools to create and manage the online store, there is now a range of useful extensions to help you implement marketing campaigns to increase traffic and sales. Here, we’ll look at five which we think are well worth a look at.

1. Magento Email Templates

Email marketing provides the highest ROI of any marketing technique but to be successful, those emails need to be engaging enough to be opened and read. Magento Email Templates is an extension which provides attractive email designs that make it easy to place product images, descriptions and links inside your emails, keeping the reader interested in your items.

The extension enables you to segment your customers into groups and create targeted promotions. There are over 20 designs to choose from and you can customise the images, text, font and colour for all your marketing and transactional emails. Even better, the emails are responsive, so they’ll even work on mobile phones.

2. Pop Up+

Despite being slightly annoying, pop-ups are incredibly effective marketing tools. If they weren’t, we’d stop using them. A good pop-up can help increase conversions, get new subscribers, increase the take up of offers and promotions and so much more.

The Pop Up+ extension provides great looking popups that can be placed anywhere on your site and which give you control and flexibility in how they are used, making them less annoying and much more effective.

The extension enables you to control window size, customise start and end dates, set duration and hide times, run several pop-ups and adjust the order they display, and even set limits for the number of times the pop-up is shown per customer.

3. Gift Card

The Gift Card extension opens up an entirely new marketing opportunity for Magento retailers. Today, friends and relatives increasingly find it easier to buy gift cards than to go looking for a present that the recipient might not actually want. If you don’t offer gift cards, it’s hard to take advantage of this market.

The gift card extension enables you to offer both digital and physical cards. The physical cards can also be printed in attractive designs and posted directly to the purchaser or recipient.

The software enables you to have full management of your gift cards, setting unlimited or limited expiry dates, tracking spending on each card, managing the codes used to redeem cards online and much more.

4. Affiliate

Affiliate programs can generate huge amounts of revenue for a business, which is why they are used by many successful businesses, including giants like Amazon. Essentially, an affiliate program is where you pay commission to someone for referring other customers who make a purchase. The commission is usually a small percentage of the sales value.

By providing affiliates with a unique tracking code that they place in the URLs they use to link to your site, it is possible to monitor how much revenue they have generated so you can pay them the right commission. Affiliates can be other businesses looking for an additional stream of income, or they can be customers who you ask to refer a friend.

Setting up an affiliate program can take a little time but with the Affiliate extension, you can do so easily and manage it right from your website’s admin panel rather than having to pay a third-party company to run it for you. The software gives you full control of the program and over the affiliates you accept on to it.

5. Yotpo Reviews

Reviews are terribly important to online retailers. If a customer doesn’t know much about your company or has never bought a particular product before, they are likely to have some reservations before buying. For some customers, this will mean they won’t buy from you at all. Publishing reviews on your site can make a massive difference as the views of previous customers can influence the decision-making process for others.

Yotpo Reviews is an extension that enables you to put these reviews right where they have the most impact – on the product page; ensuring customers can see what others think and preventing them having to go to other sites to read reviews – somewhere they may end up making the purchase from.

To encourage customers to leave reviews, the extension can be configured to send an email notification to customers who have recently made a purchase, asking them to leave feedback.


There are many ways a business can market its brand and its products and, in this post, we’ve looked at a variety of extensions that can help you market in different ways. These have included email marketing, on-screen pop-ups, gift cards, affiliate marketing and customer reviews. Hopefully, from reading about these, you’ll find some which are ideal for implementing your next marketing strategy.

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