What Is SQL Injection And How To Prevent It

January 22, 2023 / Database

A web code insertion technique which exploits a security rules. This usually occurs in the database layer of an application or a queries which will harm the entire database structure and at the end loose of data. SQL injection attacks are also known as SQL insertion attacks. Well, SQL injection is also termed as “Failure to Preserve SQL Query Structure”.

Some more steps to prevent SQL injections are as follows:

If using an dynamic SQL is compulsory within your website then as a developer you may find some easy way to replace all such Dynamic SQL query with the prepared statements, parametrized queries or stored procedures.

For an instance whether you are preparing a special kind of webcode in Java there are some importanat options which can be used such as PreparedStatement() with bind variables instead of dynamic SQL, in .NET here there are other option which are available in parametrized queries, such as SqlCommand() or OleDbCommand() with bind variables instead of dynamic SQL and in PHP you can use PDO with strongly typed parametrized web queries with the help of bindParam() instead of dynamic SQL .
Hence it’s always recommended to avoid using dynamic SQL for secure environment.

By turning OFF the magic_quotes_gpc. This is a kind of informative variable which communicates . By turning of such specific area, the variable can prevent few of the SQL injection attacks.
Updates/Install patches on a regular basic. Even if you code doesn’t have SQL vulnerabilities, it is always recommend that you update all patch/updates on your server for better security. Such patches are created to avoid future SQL Injections right after they are complete tested, checked. After all check then they make it available to the

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