How to utilise a Dedicated IP Address with SFTP

November 6, 2023 / Tutorials

We have outlined the process for using a dedicated IP address with SFTP. If your cPanel account is set up with a dedicated IP address, you will be able to utilise this IP for sending emails and configuring Apache for your website.

Follow the steps-

  1. Below is an instance of the ‘sftp’ command, which you can employ to direct its outbound connection through a dedicated IP address on a cPanel server.
    1. In this instance, let us assume you intend to utilise the “shared” cPanel IP address-sftp [email protected]
    2. In our next illustration, let us suppose you aim to utilise the “exclusive” account IP-
      sftp -o BindAddress=dedicated-IP [email protected]
  2. Replace “dedicated-IP” with the exclusive IP address of the cPanel account.

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