How to Transfer an Email from G Suite to cPanel

February 1, 2023 / cPanel & WHM

Moving emails from G Suite to a cPanel server is a good idea in certain circumstances, and this is what is explained in this guide. G Suite is a collection of tools for teamwork and productivity that provides video meetings, shared calendars, online document editing, and professional email for your company.

Note- G Suite is now called Google Workspace.

Let us follow the steps:

  1. First, of all enable the IMAP settings in Gmail.
  2. Now, let us start migrating email from G suite to cPanel:
    1. All choices that finish with “host” are intended for the source server, which in this instance is the Gmail account.
      –host1, –user1 and –password are the Gmail IMAP hostname, the email box and its password.
      –gmail1 – enables specific options and features for Gmail accounts. There is –gmail2 for the destination folder, too.
    2. The destination server, to which the emails will be moved, is intended for all options that conclude in “2.”
      –host2, –user2 and –password2 are the new IMAP server hostname, the email box and its password.
      There is a dry run option also, which doesn’t change anything – “–dry”.
  3. imapsync –help command is been used to get all the help related to the imapsync.
    imapsync –host1 –port1 993 –ssl1 –user1 “[email protected]” –passfile1  /home/pass1 –host2 –user2 “[email protected]” –password2 –passfile2  /home/pass2

This is how you can successfully migrate from G Suite to cPanel!

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