How to Reset User Passwords Using the Command Line

December 2, 2022 / How-to Guide

This guide will show you how to reset user passwords using the command line.


You might need to use SSH to update the password in some circumstances. Changing a user’s password is often best done through the cPanel interface because it aids in creating strong passwords or generating ones that do so.


Observe the steps:

  1. By using the “passwd” programme on the command line and by giving the user whose password you want to change, you can alter user passwords.
    passwd $USER
  2. The passwords for any related services, such as MySQL, FTP, Mail, PostgreSQL, and System, are likewise updated when you change a user’s password.
    Take this as an example:
    [root@the ~]$ passwd cpuser
    Changing password for the user “cpuser” …
    Changing password for “cpuser”.
    New UNIX password:
    Retype new UNIX password:
    passwd: The system has successfully updated all authentication tokens.
  3. The system has updated the passwords for the following services: MySQL, ftp, mail, PostgreSQL, system.

In this manner, the command line can be used to reset the passwords. Visit our KB section frequently for more information. It will greatly benefit you. For any problems, you can also get in touch with our support staff.

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