This guide will explain what should be done to connect through SFTP. SFTP is the most secure file-transferring method these days and it is most suited for VPS hosting.

Let us follow the steps to connect using SFTP:

  1. The below command is for checking your SSH access. You can use it:
    ssh [email protected]_ipaddress
  2. If the error does not arise, leave the session.
  3. Then start the SFTP connection using the following command:
    sftp [email protected]_ipaddress
  4. If you use a custom SSH port, utilise the below commands to modify the SFTP port:
    sftp -oPort=customport [email protected]_ipaddress
  5. The way it should look is as follows:
    sftp -oPort=39166 [email protected]
  6. You will receive an SFTP prompt once you are connected.

This way you can connect via SFTP. Hope you liked our article. If you get stuck anywhere you can contact our support staff. Also, don’t forget to check out our latest web hosting plans today.