This guide will describe the several features accessible in CloudLinux’s settings tab. CloudLinux provides a variety of functions in its options tab.

Let us discover the functions:

  1. Log in to WHM>Server Configuration>CloudLinux.
  2. Navigate to the “Options” tab in CloudLinux.
  3. Following are the settings:
    a) LVE Faults Email Notifications- enables setting the necessary notice type.
    b) Faults to include- permits adding necessary restrictions to the notifications.
    c) Minimum number of Faults to notify- provides for the setting of the minimum number of problems for hoster, reseller, and user notifications.
    d) Inode limits- enables management of Inode limits.
    e) User interface settings- enables management of interface settings.
    f) MySQL Governor settings- enables you to control MySQL Governor settings (if MySQL Governor is installed).
    g) CageFS- enables management of CageFS settings.
    h) Node.js- allows to enable/disable and manage Node.js Selector.
    i) Python Selector- provides for managing and turning on/off Python Selector.
  4. Change the settings as per requirement and then click on the “Save Changes” button.

This way you will find different functions in the options tab available in CloudLinux. You can refer to the KB section for more useful KBs.