How Do You Increase the Number Of Pages In MediaWiki?

January 20, 2023 / How-to Guide

This tutorial covers the two most common methods for creating new wiki pages in MediaWiki.


Creating a New Page Based on a Link:

Wikis are similar to most web authoring platforms in that they do not have a ‘New Page’ button.

New pages are created by the following individuals:

Linking to a page that does not exist.

Adhering to this link and adding content to it

Saving the page completes the content creation process.


Making A New Page Using The “Add to category” Option:

Creating a new page via the link is a slightly perplexing process. Any category page can also be used by wiki authors to create a new page.

Navigate to the category page to which you wish to add an article.

In the “Add page…” section, type the name of the page.

Click the “Create” button.


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