In this article, we will explain how to enable removal domains inWHM/cPanel.

Follow the following procedure:

1. Log into “WHM as root account”

2. Enter “Tweak Settings” in the search field on the left side.

3. Go to the “Domains” tab, from the Tweak Settings page.

4. Look for the ‘Allow Remote Domains’ option and “Enable it”

5. Click on “Save”

NOTE - All you have to do now is copy your server's IP address and change it in the A Record of your domain's DNS control page or on whatever domain name you wish to use on your server.

We genuinely hope you now have a better understanding of how you can Enable Remote Domains In WHM/cPanel. If you continue to have problems with the method outlined above, please contact the Webhosting UK for assistance 24×7.