How to install PIP in Windows

May 14, 2024 / How-to Guide

Installing PIP in Windows allows easy management and installation of Python packages, streamlining development workflows.

Here is a brief guide on installing PIP in Windows-

  1. Firstly, download and install Python from the official website ( Ensure you check the box to add Python to your PATH during installation.
  2. Open Command Prompt and type the below command to verify Python is installed and accessible –
    python –version
  3. Download from
    Save the file to your computer.
  4. Open Command Prompt and navigate to the directory where is saved. Then, run –
  5. After installation, enter the below command to confirm PIP is installed correctly –pip –version

That’s it! By following the above steps, you are ready to use PIP to manage Python packages on your Windows system. If you’re using Debian 12 instead, check this guide on how to install Python on Debian 12 for instructions specific to that platform.

If you require extra help, get in touch with our support team.


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