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November 28, 2023 / Technology News

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Catch up on this week’s round-up of the latest hosting and tech news. Here’s what we’ve uncovered since our last edition.

AI Nose

Boffins from Israel have used artificial intelligence to develop an electronic nose that can quickly identify different types of smells using AI-powered sensors, potentially improving safety in the food industry. The Sensifi e-nose, developed at Ben Gurion University of the Negev, uses electrodes coated with carbon nanoparticles to identify the unique volatile organic compounds (VOCs) of bacteria like salmonella and E. Coli. The technology works by translating the VOCs into electric signals which are then processed by AI software to rapidly identify the bacteria. Using Sensifi, businesses in the food industry will be able to carry out on-site testing and get results in less than an hour – a huge improvement over traditional laboratory tests that can often take days.

Food poisoning continues to be a major concern. In the UK alone, there are around 2.4 million cases of foodborne illness annually and the cost to the country in terms of healthcare and lost productivity is estimated to be around £9 billion a year. With £6 billion of this attributed to unidentified pathogens, Sensifi and similar technologies offer a major step forward in combating food poisoning.

Police Drones

The UK Police are about to launch Project Eagle X, a pioneering trial that will see drones used as first responders in emergencies. The trial, which starts in Norfolk next year, follows similar projects in San Diego and aims to improve the efficiency of emergency responders. Similar trials are also planned in Belgium and the Netherlands.

During the trial, the remotely operated drones will be stationed on buildings and flown to incidents when they happen. Once dispatched, they will provide emergency services with early and accurate information that will enable the police to quickly assess how severe the incidents are.

The project, which will also be tested by Thames Valley and Hampshire forces, is seeking changes to amend current rules that restrict drones to the operator’s line of sight. Should this happen, the new approach could significantly improve emergency responses, enabling the police to attend incidents faster and more cost-efficiently than using helicopters or patrol cars.

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AI Investment Rise

According to new research from EY, 99% of UK CEOs are planning to invest in generative AI over the next year, with half of those surveyed moving capital from other budgets to fund their initiatives. The driving force behind this shift is the belief that the rapid adoption of generative AI is vital for companies to remain competitive. The survey also revealed that, to speed up adoption, more than half of companies have recruited AI talent while a further 42% have introduced AI pilot schemes or partnerships with other organisations.

EY’s report, however, does warn that the optimism surrounding generative AI could lead to an overestimation of its long-term benefits. Indeed, despite the technology’s enormous potential, many businesses are still hard pressed to find specific uses for it.

Cyber Centre Funding

The UK government has committed a provisional £20m towards the initial phase of the Golden Valley Cyber Centre, a £1bn project adjacent to GCHQ in Cheltenham which aims to establish the town as the UK’s cyber capital. This funding is part of a plan to expand the sector, with Cheltenham Borough Council already investing £130m.

The project is expected to create around 12,000 jobs and its 47-hectare site will feature a vast commercial space, around 1,000 new eco-friendly homes, green areas and a primary school. One of its main attractions will be the £95m, 160,000 sq. ft. National Cyber Innovation Centre, which will serve as a learning hub for businesses, schools and universities.

PwC’s Welsh IT Jobs

PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) is to create 1,000 new jobs in Wales, tripling the size of its current Cardiff team. The new roles will primarily be technology-based, including in cyber and ethical hacking where there is a growing demand for skills. The move, which will also see the creation of a new PwC office, represents a major investment by the firm in the Welsh economy and the country’s future in developing advanced IT roles.

Additionally, the Welsh government is contributing £2m towards a partnership with PwC which aims to create IT jobs for people from disadvantaged backgrounds. This initiative, which has been praised for its commitment to diversity and inclusivity, will help Wales overcome the challenges it faces in recruiting IT talent.

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