Building a Website? Why WordPress is the Best Choice

Building a Website? Why WordPress is the Best Choice

The high cost of website development means most small business owners opt for a do-it-yourself approach. With limited technical experience, the top of most people’s priorities is finding a way to build a site that is very easy to do but which comes up with professional results. They also want a website that is inexpensive to create and host and which doesn’t take a lot of time to look after. WordPress is a solution that ticks all of those boxes. Here we explain why it is your best choice. 

The world’s favourite platform

WordPress is a website building platform that lets you create, publish and manage highly professional sites without needing any advanced computing skills. This ease of use, together with the fact that the platform is completely free, has made it the most popular website building software on the planet. Used by 42% of the world’s websites, choosing it means you are in the company of Disney, Bloomberg, Sony, Toyota, Flickr and countless more high-profile organisations and individuals.

Free, prebuilt themes

Creating a website that looks great and matches your brand identity is essential to attract and engage new customers and to increase sales. One of the best things about WordPress is that there are thousands of free themes you can choose from. Each with different layouts, colour schemes and fonts, most of which can be customised, you can create any type of website, for any purpose. What’s more, installing a theme can be done in a couple of mouse clicks – install and activate. It’s that simple.

Plugins galore

If you thought having thousands of themes was great, you’ll be overwhelmed by the number of free plugins you can choose from: nearly 60,000 and growing, far more than any other platform. When you install a plugin, you add additional functionality to your website. If there is something you want your website to be able to do, there will be a plugin you can use for it, whether that’s turning your website into an online store, defending it from hackers, improving search engine ranking or creating personalised user content. And again, it can be done with two clicks of a mouse.

Easily add and update content

Once you have the design and functionality you need, you’ll want to be adding your content. Once more, WordPress makes this easy. You can create web pages, blog posts and products pages and put them into categories so that users can find them easily.

Adding page, post and product content is easy too. WordPress has an intuitive drag and drop content editor that lets you organise, rearrange and format content. You can add headings, text, images, navigation menus, videos, calls to action, links to other pages, search boxes, recommended content widgets and more.

Getting the most from WordPress

While free themes, plugins and content editors make it incredibly easy to build a website using WordPress, there is a way to make it work even better for you – and that’s to choose a dedicated WordPress hosting plan.  

A website has to be hosted on a web server if it is to be found on the internet and there are a range of different hosting options you can choose from. Choosing a dedicated WordPress hosting plan is the best option because the server is configured specifically to improve WordPress performance and security. Your site will load quicker on users’ browsers, respond faster to their interactions and work effectively even when you have lots of visitors at the same time.    

At WHUK, we take WordPress hosting even further, providing an advanced control panel and a WordPress Toolkit for easy site management and even undertaking many aspects of management off your hands. For instance, we will provide daily backups of your website so you’ll never lose your data and protect it with anti-hacking technology.

WordPress hosting also makes it even easier to build your site. WordPress together with some of the most popular and useful plugins are preinstalled on our plans, so you can start creating your website straight away; updates are automated, saving you time and cutting the risk of a cyberattack; professional email hosting is included in the plan; and there’s 24/7 technical support if you run into problems or have issues.

Additionally, WHUK WordPress hosting comes with 99.9% guaranteed uptime and unlimited bandwidth, so you never need to worry about your site going offline or how many visitors you have. With free migration from other hosts and, on most plans, multi-site hosting and unlimited email accounts, we think we have it covered.


For an easy and cost-effective way to build a professional website, WordPress is the platform of choice. The world’s leading website building software is free to use, comes with thousands of themes and plugins and can be used by anyone with basic computer skills. Combined with dedicated WordPress hosting, it provides everything a business needs to get a professional website online quickly.

For more information, visit our WordPress Hosting page.


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