Benefits of Reseller Hosting for Web Agencies

Benefits of Reseller Hosting for Web Agencies

From web developers to online marketing companies, there are an increasing number of agencies that take care of their clients’ websites as part of their brief. In this post, we discuss how you can host your clients’ websites and, in doing so, expand your business even further and provide customers with greater benefits.

What is reseller hosting?

Reseller hosting is a service provided by Webhosting UK that enables agencies like yours to host your client’s websites. We offer white-label reseller hosting packages that provide you with all the storage and computing resources you need to offer high-standard web hosting under your own brand name. You have full control over your hosting with cPanel/WHM, enabling you to create website and email accounts for your customers, allocate resources and manage their hosting. All of this can be done within cPanel/WHM’s easy-to-use interface.

What are the reseller benefits for agencies?

There is a wide range of benefits to setting up a reseller account, here are some of the most important.

  1. Hosting without the investment

    To set up a web hosting company from scratch would be beyond most agencies’ budgets. You’d need to build and staff a data centre. What reseller hosting offers is the ability to use our data centres and infrastructure to host your clients’ websites but do so under your own brand. Our reseller packages vary in size, enabling you to have an account to suit your needs and then expand easily over time as you begin to host more websites.

  2. Additional regular income

    All your clients will need to pay for web hosting; however, if they are hosted with your company instead of a third party, you will benefit from that additional income rather than another host. As that money arrives monthly and is ongoing, it provides a steady stream of income that can be beneficial for your cash flow, especially during your agency’s less busy periods.

  3. Hosting that meets the needs of your clients

    With full control over your reseller account, you will be able to create hosting plans that are more in line with your client’s website’s needs than the standard hosting solutions they will get elsewhere. The services you can provide and charge for can include hosting setup, theme, plugin and core software installation, software updates, and the management of the domain, email and backend.

  4. One-stop shop

    By adding web hosting to your agency’s repertoire, you are able to make things easier for your clients by becoming a one-stop shop that offers end-to-end solutions for their needs. As businesses are often too busy or lack the technical know-how to build, host, market or SEO their websites, having an agency that they trust to cater for some or all of these needs can be a big attraction. It also helps to build the relationships that are vital to your long-term success. What’s more, where you cannot offer all of the solutions yourself, you could always outsource the work to another agency.

  5. Technical support

    While you may already have experience with hosting, reseller accounts are designed to make this as easy as possible. Our reseller plans come with everything you need. We set up and maintain the hardware and network infrastructure for you and take care of server monitoring and management. We also keep your server and your clients’ websites defended with a robust firewall and an arsenal of security tools. For ultimate reassurance, we also provide free daily backups, ensuring that you will be able to recover your server and your clients’ sites quickly in the event of a disaster.

    What’s more, when it comes to dealing with technical challenges, you are never on your own. As a Webhosting UK reseller, you have access to 24/7 technical support, 365 days a year, so if you or one of your clients has an issue that you need help with, there will be an expert on-hand to help you quickly solve the problem.

What else is included in a reseller plan?

Our reseller plans come with up to 100GB of storage, cPanel/WHM, including up to 100 cPanel accounts for your clients, and unlimited bandwidth, addons, databases and subdomains. You will have white-label branding so none of your clients will know you have reseller hosting, and you will be able to create customised hosting plans with your own pricing structure. cPanel/WHM also enables you to carry out your clients’ website management. You’ll also get a minimum of 99.9% uptime, guaranteed by SLA.


For web agencies looking to expand their services and grow their income, reseller hosting is an ideal opportunity. Helping you create a one-stop shop for your clients and providing a regular stream of income, it can improve client relationships and prove financially lucrative. For more information, visit our Reseller Hosting page.


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