8 cPanel Tips To Simplify Your Website Management

September 6, 2018 / Security Web Hosting

8 cPanel Tips To Simplify Your Website Management

When it comes to Linux based hosting, cPanel is the control panel of choice for webmasters, combining unparalleled functionality with ease of use. That said, it has so much to offer that many users never discover all its great features and can miss out on things which make managing your website so much simpler. To help, we’ve put together these tips which show you how to do even more with this powerful management tool.

  1. Install apps with ease
    cPanel’s Installatron tool makes it very easy to choose the apps you want to install and manage on your website or hosting account. You can discover what apps are available in the Applications Browser and use these to help give you the functionality and tools you need to make your site successful. In addition, Installatron enables you to import, clone and back up your apps.
  2. Adding new domains to your account
    If you want to operate several websites from a single hosting account, then cPanel’s Addon Domains tool is the easiest way to set this up. Simply find the Addon Domains tool in the top menu bar and fill in the details.
  3. In-built analytics
    While everyone knows about Google Analytics, not everyone has the time or the know how to set it up on their website. Luckily, cPanel comes with AWStats, an open-source analytics tool that provides excellent data on traffic volume and sources and even lets you know about non-human traffic such as bots which are used by both search engines and, unfortunately, hackers.
  4. Manage your files
    If you want an easier and more convenient way to upload files to your server than using FTP, then the cPanel File Manager is the best solution. Using this you can upload individual files or put multiple files into a zip file.
  5. Check out how well your server is performing
    If you are running a website, you want to know that it is performing as well as can be expected. Sometimes the apps and services you run can use up all the resources you have paid for. If you are on shared hosting, you might find that other users on the server are hogging those resources. There could also be a problem with your host’s server.
    One of the most helpful features on cPanel is the CPU and concurrent connection usage tool. Not only does this tell you your CPU, memory, file and disk usage, it also enables you to manage your resources, helping you prevent issues with your website.
  6. Set up databases easily
    If you use WordPress or other CRM platforms to build your websites, you’ll need to create a database first. Using cPanel’s MySQL database wizard this is an easy and straightforward process as you are taken through all the steps one at a time and given guidance on what to do – such as naming the database, creating usernames and passwords and linking the database to a domain.
    Sometimes you may need to import a database and perhaps to build a test site or when moving to a new web host. phpMyAdmin is another helpful tool in cPanel that lets you do this without fuss.
  7. Update your PHP version
    The PHP version you use on your website can have an impact on how it works on a visitor’s browser. Like all software, it is updated from time to time and it is always advisable that you update to the latest stable version recommended by your host and which is compatible with your website software.
    You can easily update your PHP version in cPanel by using the PHP version module. The module also enables you to control a number of PHP related functions, such as whether to allow zip compression or to control the maximum size of files which can be uploaded.
  8. Don’t browse for apps, search instead
    With so many other functions available on cPanel, it can be easy to miss them just by browsing or visually searching. What many users fail to spot is that there’s no need to do this at all – cPanel has a very handy search bar right at the top of the homepage. You’ll see the text, “Find functions quickly by typing here.”  Simply type in the name of the function or app you are looking for.


cPanel provides a wealth of helpful tools and apps to make the management of websites easier and more convenient. Hopefully, the tips provided here will show you how to save time and manage your site more effectively.

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