6 Reasons To Choose Dedicated Drupal Hosting

July 4, 2019 / Web Design and Development Web Hosting

Drupal Web Hosting

Drupal is a fast, scalable CMS built for busy websites and is designed to adapt to tomorrow’s new technologies. However, to get the most benefit from it, you need hosting that matches its potential. In this post, we’ll explain why dedicated Drupal hosting, on either shared, VPS or cloud servers, can bring significant benefits to your online operations.

  1. A range of Drupal options to suit all requirements
    Dedicated Drupal hosting is now available on shared, VPS and cloud servers. Between these three options, the needs of every Drupal website can be catered for, whether it’s a small operation or an enterprise-class business. Each option is designed to provide the resources websites need in terms of processing, storage, bandwidth and memory, with VPS and Cloud also offering users their own, independent hosting environment.
    If you’re considering dedicated Drupal hosting, look for a host that offers all three types of hosting package. This way, as your website grows, it is easier to move to a bigger package than having to migrate your website to a completely different host.
  2. Servers optimised for Drupal
    While it is possible to run a Drupal website on any shared, VPS or cloud server, the main advantage of dedicated Drupal hosting is that your web host will configure the web stack especially for the needs of the Drupal platform.
    Dedicated Drupal hosting has a unique setup that requires the service provider to implement a customised hardware configuration, operating system settings and database tuning, together with web server and network optimisation. Establishing this web stack enables Drupal websites to perform at their optimum levels so that they load at lightning speeds, cope better with large volumes of traffic and run web apps without a struggle. This type of optimisation isn’t achievable with a standard server setup so you wouldn’t get this level of Drupal performance on non-dedicated hosting packages.
  3. Drupal-friendly control panel
    Another helpful feature of dedicated Drupal hosting is that many of the tools you need to operate the site are available directly from within your control panel. These include helpful solutions, such as 1-click installation for Drupal itself, which can help you get your site up and running quickly and without hassle. In addition, you can add domains, create mailboxes, make backups, restore and upload files all from a simple, mobile-friendly interface.
  4. Reliability
    When running on a server which is optimised for Drupal, you are guaranteed to see improved website reliability, simply because the configuration enables your site to better perform its tasks. The chances of it becoming sluggish due to the number of processes it is running or the volume of traffic are much reduced.
    However, for the most reliable performance and improved uptime, VPS and cloud hosting are superior. Should a server failure occur on a dedicated Drupal VPS server, it can be put back online swiftly by transferring the virtual server to different hardware. With dedicated Drupal cloud hosting, you are guaranteed 100% uptime which is ideal for websites that need to be online all of the time.
  5. Robust security
    Security is critical for all CMS websites and a good service provider will ensure your Drupal hosting is protected by a range of security measures. At Web Hosting UK, our next-generation firewalls protect your Drupal site from all kinds of threats, including malware, viruses and DDOS attacks. To prevent hacking, we also use advanced intrusion detection and prevention, and VPN and application firewalls. In addition, we provide email spam filtering, SSL certificates and backup solutions.
  6. 24/7 expert Drupal technical support
    While an excellent piece of software, Drupal has a reputation for being slightly more challenging to use than platforms such as WordPress and Joomla. As it’s also less popular than these CMS, not so many web hosts have Drupal expertise, nor is there as much online help. One significant advantage of opting for dedicated Drupal hosting is that the web host will have Drupal specialist technicians in-house. Where they offer 24/7 technical support, you can be assured that if you face any issues with your website, a Drupal expert will be on hand to help you fix your problem – no matter what time of day.   


As you can see, dedicated Drupal hosting offers a range of benefits. Its bespoke server optimisation offers Drupal users advanced speed, performance and reliability when compared to standard hosting configurations while providing a highly secure environment and easy to use control panel. In addition, you also get 24/7 technical support from Drupal experts.  If you are looking for dedicated Drupal hosting with all the features mentioned above, check out our affordable range of Drupal hosting plans


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