7 Ways to Make Product Pages More Effective

November 15, 2021 / eCommerce


If you want your website to sell more products, then the individual product pages are where the magic needs to happen. As the internet evolves and people’s shopping behaviours and expectations change, landing pages have needed to adapt and improve. Here, we look at seven features that can help your products pages sell more effectively.

  1. Ratings and reviews
    We’ve put ratings and reviews right at the top of our list because over 90% of today’s online shoppers make use of them when buying from a website. Unable to see the actual product before their eyes, shoppers want social proof that it is the right choice for them and customer reviews and ratings provide that information. Reviews, which are not always positive, show that your website is being transparent about its products and this improves trust in your business.
  2. Image galleries, videos and AR
    While some products can get away with a single image, most can’t. Shoppers want to see them from different angles and in close up. For gift boxes, they want to see the packaging and what’s inside. If it’s available in different colours, they want to see the product in those colours. Multiple, zoomable images are far more effective at selling than a single image.

    Of course, today, many online shops create videos for their products. Take a look at the professional video reviews electrical goods retailer, AO, provides on many of its product pages. Going even further, we are seeing a growing use of augmented reality (AR) tools on product pages. You can upload photos of your face to try out glasses and hair colours or upload images of a room to see how a piece of furniture would look.
  3. Wish lists
    For some purchases, finding the right product can take time. Someone might see an item they are potentially interested in but want to check out a few different sites before they decide, others might want to save something to a list so they can buy it much later, such as for someone’s birthday or Christmas present.

    Providing a wish list feature on your website enables these items to be saved for later and makes it much easier for customers to find them when it is time to buy.
  4. Hide out of stock items
    One of the biggest disappointments about shopping online is to find the ideal product, only to discover it is out of stock. This can deter people from visiting your website again. If you are unable to offer it for sale there and then, it is best to remove it from your product listings. If it is temporarily out of stock but you are due to have it in soon, you can get away with keeping the product live, as long as the shipping times match up with when you’ll have it in stock. However, don’t display lots of out-of-stock products just to make it look like you sell a wider variety of things than you actually do.
  5. Free shipping
    Of course, there is no such thing as free shipping. Every company needs to pay for items to be delivered. Most customers know this too and understand that when free shipping is offered, its cost is included in the overall price. While this can make the product a little more expensive, the benefit for the customer is that they know there and then what the final price will be. Adding shipping costs at the checkout can, for many, seem like a hidden payment and the additional hike in price can cause them to abandon the sale.
  6. Related products
    Customers love choice, so, if they have landed on one product page, displaying a range of similar products on that page is a good way to enhance the customer experience. It shows you understand what they are looking for and are helping them to find the right choice. Amazon has always been great at providing related products and does it in several ways: similar products, people who looked at this product also looked at…, and a four-product comparison table. You can usually add a related products feature to a website simply by installing a plugin.
  7. Product bundles
    Bundles offer the opportunity to sell more products and can be highly attractive, especially if the cost of the bundle is less than the individual prices of each product. So, if you sell phones, bundle them with phone covers, screen protectors and earphones; if you sell sofa cushions, bundle them with a sofa blanket. The options are endless and though not everyone will take up the offer, some will. Again, Amazon does this well, using its ‘Customers who bought this also purchased’ feature.

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Shoppers expect a whole lot more from a product page than a short description, an image and a price. Websites that want to sell more need to provide a much more enhanced shopping experience. Hopefully, the suggestions provided here will help your products pages to be more effective.

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