10 Ways TikTok Can Drive Visitors to Your Website

July 20, 2023 / Web Hosting


With a billion active monthly users and highly engaging video content, TikTok is now one of the leading social media platforms and offers businesses unique opportunities to drive customers to their websites. In this post, we take a closer look at what those opportunities are so that you can begin to leverage TikTok to increase traffic to your own website.

  1. Influencer partnerships
    Collaborating with popular TikTok influencers who align with your brand or target audience can significantly extend your company’s reach. These influencers can create engaging and entertaining content that incorporates your products or services, encouraging their followers to visit your website for more information or exclusive offers. By leveraging the influencer’s credibility and rapport with their audience, you could generate a substantial number of potential customers.
  2. Hashtag challenges
    A hashtag challenge is where you post a video of you doing something and then create a hashtag challenging others to do something similar. With the right concept, linked to your brand, this can generate significant user participation and content creation. Of course, by linking the challenge to your website, users will visit to learn more about the challenge or submit their entries.
  3. Create compelling videos
    It’s not as easy as it sounds, however, if you can create engaging videos that TikTok users will watch and share, then you have a massive opportunity to drive new visitors to your website. Make sure that these videos are not only compelling but also showcase your products, services or brand personality, leaving the viewer with a lasting, positive impression. Ideally, videos should be entertaining, informative or relatable to effectively engage with the TikTok community.
  4. User-generated content
    If you cannot create your own videos, then setting up a user-generated content campaign is an alternative way to engage your audience and create a sense of community. To do this, you’ll need to incentivise TikTok users to create content featuring your products or brand, something you can do via contests, giveaways or challenges. The great thing about user-generated content is that it works like a positive review, sparking interest, building trust and driving people to your website.
  5. Offers and discounts
    By providing exclusive discounts, offers or promotional codes specifically for TikTok users, businesses can create a buzz that motivates users to take action. You can highlight these offers in your own TikTok videos or through influencer partnerships to make more users aware of the promotions available on your website.
  6. Collaborative campaigns
    Partnering with other brands to create collaborative campaigns can give your company access to new audiences. Essentially, a collaborative campaign involves two or more partners cross-promoting each other’s websites or products, enabling each to leverage the audience of their partners. Provided it’s a good and relevant match, this can be a mutually beneficial arrangement that drives traffic to all the partners’ websites.
  7. Link in Bio
    Links are always helpful for driving traffic and TikTok’s ‘Link in Bio’ feature enables you to add a clickable link to your website in your TikTok profile. Remember, this doesn’t always have to point to your homepage – you can update the link to direct users to specific landing pages, product pages or promotions depending on your current goals.
  8. TikTok Ads
    Just like on other social media platforms, you can now run an ad campaign on TikTok. These include options such as in-feed ads or branded hashtag challenges, that can be leveraged to drive traffic directly to your website. In-feed ads seamlessly blend into users’ TikTok feeds, capturing their attention as they scroll through content. These ads can be designed with compelling visuals, engaging content and clear calls-to-action to entice users to click and visit your website. Branded hashtag challenges, on the other hand, allow you to create viral campaigns that encourage user participation and engagement.
  9. Brand partner collaboration
    Collaborating with TikTok Ads brand partners can further increase the reach and impact of your ad campaigns. TikTok has established partnerships with various ad networks and technology providers, offering businesses the opportunity to explore collaborations with these brand partners. By leveraging these partnerships, you can tap into their expertise and resources to maximise the effectiveness of your TikTok ad campaigns. This collaboration can lead to increased visibility, wider reach, and ultimately, more traffic directed to your website.
  10. Analytics and optimisation
    TikTok provides helpful analytics tools that let you monitor and analyse your performance on the platform. As a result, you can gain valuable insights into the engagement, reach and effectiveness of your videos and campaigns. Using this data, you can make informed decisions and adjustments to your content strategy, targeting and messaging, maximising the impact of your campaigns to drive more relevant visitors to your website.


TikTok’s massive growth has made it one of the most useful social media platforms for businesses to promote themselves to a mass audience. From reading this post, you should now have an understanding of the many different techniques you can use on TikTok, not just to promote your products, services and brand, but to grow your audience and direct more visitors to your website.

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