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WordPress Hosting
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Wordpress Blog Hosting
Wordpress Blog Hosting

Wordpress is the most powerful platform available for anybody wanting to create a website or blog. As an open source platform that is free to use, Wordpress makes it easy and affordable to establish an online presence. It doesn’t matter if you have years of experience or are a newbie, Wordpress provides you with the toolkit to create attractive websites quickly.

Wordpress is comprised of a powerful core that can be adapted on the frontend to look and function the way you wish. On the backend you have a beautiful and simplistic administration panel that makes managing your website and adding content an easy task. With a large gathering from the world over, you can rely on the Wordpress community to provide you with helps and tips on how to create the very best Wordpress-based website or blog

WordPress Hosting Plans
Essential Features
Disk Space
Control Panel
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Prices inc VAT £ 3.99/Mo
2 GB SAS storage
Prices inc VAT £ 5.99/Mo
5 GB SAS storage
Prices inc VAT £ 8.99/Mo
10 GB SAS storage

Why Wordpress Hosting

Out of all of the blogging platforms available, you’re probably wondering why you should choose Wordpress specifically. Wordpress has been around for a long time and has gathered a cult following. What has made it so popular is its adaptability and how it can be used as more than just blog – it also makes a very powerful and simple to use CMS. WHUK has put together some of the best Wordpress hosting plans and we aim to provide you with a whole solution that is ready to use. You should choose Wordpress hosting from WHUK for reasons including:

Easy to learn and use Easy to learn and use

Wordpress has been developed with simplicity as a core principle and this is something that is reflected throughout the application

Free transfer/migrationFree transfer/migration
If you already have a Wordpress blog or website hosted elsewhere, then we can transfer it over to WHUK for you at no extra charge and with a guarantee of no data loss
Pre-installed WordpressPre-installed Wordpress

With a Wordpress hosting plan from WHUK, we will provide you with a complete solution that is ready to use from the minute you receive your login details as Wordpress will be pre-installed so you can start adding content straight away


Your Wordpress website will be configured to automatically update to the new version of the application when it becomes available, providing the assurance that your website will always be protected against the latest threats and vulnerabilities

Unlimited community-based supportUnlimited community-based support

Wordpress has gathered a large following over the years and many users like to show their support for the application by providing free help to other users through the Wordpress forums. If you have a question then head over there and somebody should be able to help you out in no time

24x7 support from WHUK24x7 support from WHUK

If you want a quick response to your question or would like some hands-on assistance with an issue that you are facing, then your Wordpress hosting plan comes complete with 24x7 support, who are here to assist you with any enquiries at any time through Live Chat, email, or phone

WHUK provides a premium Wordpress hosting experience that also takes into consideration your underlying technical needs. Rather than just providing an ordinary Wordpress installation, we’ve also gone the distance to offer components such as:

Varnish Cache and NginxVarnish Cache and Nginx

Varnish and Nginx are used on our Wordpress servers as a way of boosting the performance of all Wordpress websites and allows us to deliver a premium Wordpress experience as standard

Memcache supportMemcache support

Memcache can be used in conjunction with Wordpress to increase the performance of the application by caching information pulled from the database and reducing the number of database calls that need to be made

Daily backupsDaily backups

So that we can protect your blog’s content, we provide daily backups as standard that have a 7 day retention period; this means that if something goes wrong, or you would like to restore your Wordpress site to an earlier date, then your blog’s data will be safeguarded

Multisite supportMultisite support

If you run a network of Wordpress blogs or websites that you may wish to consolidate control of these into a single Multisite installation, which is supported on any WHUK Wordpress plan

Bad neighbor isolationBad neighbor isolation

If there is another Wordpress website causing performance issues for you and others, the perpetrator can be isolated away from other sites to allow the issue to be rectified and for normal performance to be restored to the effected websites

Wordpress Plugins
Wordpress Plugins

The functionality of Wordpress can be adapted and added to with plugins. The official Wordpress repository currently contains over 34,000 plugins for a multitude of purposes. The chances are that if there’s something you would like Wordpress to do that isn’t included as part of the core application; you can find a plugin to add that functionality. Developers from the Wordpress who have contributed to the plugin repository have released their creations to be used for free by anyone, anywhere.

If you can find what you want in the plugin repository, or if you’re a keen coder and know some PHP then you can use the extensive Wordpress API to make your own plugins. The API offers various Action Hooks and other features that enable you to create plugins that can access every part of the application, allowing you to develop your Wordpress installation into something that resembles a custom application.

To help you get started, we will provide you with a range of pre-installed plugins to help you along, including: Google XML Sitemaps; Shareaholic; Sweet Captcha; Wordpress SEO; WP-Optimize; WP Super Cache. If you have any other plugins in mind that you would like to use, but aren’t quite sure how to install them then WHUK’s 24x7 support team can do this for you at no extra cost.

Wordpress Themes

If you’re not sure of the design that you want to apply to your Wordpress website, you can take inspiration from the large repository of third-party themes. All of the available themes are made available for use freely by their creators, and you can make whatever adaptations you like so that you can put your own stamp on your website.

The administration panel makes it simple to search for themes and add them to your website so that you don’t have to download them from the Wordpress website and then upload them once more to your web space. This takes the pain out of changing the design of your website and lets you do it in just a few clicks. Want to make a few changes to the design or layout? You can do this through the administration panel as well, again bypassing the need for a desktop application for this purpose.

Wordpress Plugins
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