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virtual private server plans

Two Months Half Price

£ 10 .50
£ 14 .00
£ 19 .00
CPU Cores 1 vCPU Core 2 vCPU Cores 4 vCPU Cores
Disk Space 60 GB SAS Storage 80 GB SAS Storage 120 GB SAS Storage
Monthly Bandwidth Unlimited Bandwidth Unlimited Bandwidth Unlimited Bandwidth
Linux Operating System CentOS 6.2 / Ubuntu CentOS 6.2 / Ubuntu CentOS 6.2 / Ubuntu
Control Panel Optional Optional Optional
Full Root SSH Access
Number of Dedicated IPs 2 2 2
Managed Linux VPS
24x7 Premium Support
24x7 Pro-Active Monitoring
Uptime Guarantee 99.95% 99.95% 99.95%
Redundant Hotswap Servers
Database Support
Free Setup
Billing Cycle Price Price Price
Monthly Price £ 10 .50
£ 14 .00
£ 19 .00
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Looking for excellent performance hosting at a low cost? WHUK xLite VPS hosting is the perfect solution for you, empowering you with unmatched performance at fraction of the costs associated with conventional dedicated hosting. WHUK xLite VPS is powered by WHUK Cloud Hypervisor, to enhance and optimize your xLite server's software. With xLite VPS, you can now host virtually unlimited domains and install custom applications as per your requirements, with the freedom and ease of a dedicated server. Your supporting processors are more efficient with xLite VPS, since it provides Hardware Virtualization, to efficiently manage your virtual server environment.

With xLite VPS, benefits are many. xLite, combined with WHUK Cloud's computing power, makes it the perfect vps hosting solution and delivers the following benefits.

  • Users have the freedom to choose their Operating System, Software and Applications as xLite provides multiple options of customization.
  • Extra security leads to absolute privacy without any interaction between two Virtual Servers, without any compromise due to compartmentalization.
  • xLite lets users take complete control of their server, and execute a large number of Virtual Machine related functions which are entrusted to the users, instead of the host.

One of the most significant advantage's of xLite Hosting is the significant cost saving. When hosting with xLite, users share the overall costs, leading to greater affordability with superior performance and relaxed hosting.

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xLite Comparison Chart
Features Virtuozzo based VPS xLite powered by WHUK Cloud
Virtualization Technique Software Virtualization Hardware Virtualization
Resources Shared RAM Dedicated RAM
Supported Platforms Both Windows / Linux Both Windows / Linux
OS Control Limited Access Full Access
Management Mass Management Individual Management
Fine grained swap configuration per VPS Not Supported Fully Supported
Dedicated Server like Isolation Not Supported Fully Supported
Compatibility Compatible only in the frame of an alike kernel Supports legacy software & new Operating System instances

WHUK powered xLite VPS hosting ensures that you no longer have to share your hosting node's resources, i.e. RAM & CPU, with any other Virtual Private Server, imparting greater stability and reliability, without causing overload. Any transaction carried out by xLite is at least 6 times faster than a normal Virtualization Solution, due to the high performance SAS disk its Virtual Machines are based on. With xLite VPS, rest assured that your server won't experience downtime, as it seamlessly receives the resources allocated to it and results in superior, flawless operations.

Added Layer of Hardware Virtualization
When a Virtual Server is based on Virtuozzo technology, it can slow down the performance of the node due to the presence of software virtualization layer. But with xLite powered by WHUK Cloud, your Virtual Server remains unaffected. Your resources like RAM & CPU are physically separated from other customers, which results in excellent performance and added security. xLite also gives you better control over your VM. The added layer of virtualization ensures complete protection of your VM, even in case of a threat or attack.

Auto Scalable
xLite adjusts and efficiently caters automatically to your resource requirements in real time, as it comes with the power of Burstable Memory and CPU. xLite's smart technology senses the resource requirement and provisions accordingly, without rebooting. xLite's intelligent technology is able to ascertain what resources are to be scaled up or down and when, thus requiring absolutely no manual intervention and assures top notch performance. Watch your resources scale up or down automatically, with xLite.

Enhanced Performance
With xLite VPS, you never have to worry about availability and performance of your virtual private server. xLite provisions guaranteed allotment of resources on each server, which can be easily upgraded as required, leading to uptime and greater speed. xLite frees you from the bother of running around for your server's health and maintenance, it gets updated with the latest offerings automatically, whenever updates are available.

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