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Whois ID Protect

When a new domain name is registered, the domain owner has to provide personal information like name and organization, living address, phone, email address, etc. This information is easily accessible once the domain name is live; and in today's world it is highly imperative to shield the private information. This is where domain ID protection comes into picture. Webhosting UK's Domain ID protection service protects your personal/business information that is listed in the Domain WHOIS. WHOIS is a protocol that provides information about the domains, host and networks. Domain ID Protect feature protects the information from the public eye and thus your domain name and the information related to it is safe from any kind of online/offline misuse.

Domain ID Protection Process

ICANN [Internet Corporation For Assigned Name And Numbers] makes it mandatory for the owner/manager of the domain name to provide his personal contact information. With Domain ID protect, a third party becomes the legal owner of the domain, even though the domain protection service is simply acting as the landlord of the Internet property. As the domain protection service serves as the legal owner of the business, this company can put its company's own information as a forwarding service, as opposed to that of the registrant. This way, all the emails and contacts will be made to the domain protection service.

Main Features of Domain ID Protect:

  • The personal information of the individuals who register a domain is shielded from spammers and marketers who seek for such information by looking up in WHOIS
  • Marketers won't be able to access the telephone numbers for making sales calls.
  • Domain ID protect seals the information of the registrants so that it cannot be leaked over the Internet.
  • Domain ID protect also provides dynamic email system, therefore the visible email address constantly changes, so while it is being redistributed, it will change and the previous email address will no longer work for the spammer.
  • Domain ID Protect secures and maintains your real email address on the file so you can easily receive important information regarding your domain.
  • You have full legal ownership and control over the domain name. You can conveniently sell, renew, transfer and change the settings of your domain name. The control panel provides you with real-time access so that the domain name can be managed easily.

Why should you invest in Domain ID Protect?

Internet has become an open resource and along with good opportunities, there are hazards as well. Therefore it is important to conceal and protect the private information and details of any website in order to stay away from spamming and any other online abuses. Along with shielding the private information, Domain ID Protect also enables you to stay connected with the essential information with the dynamic email system. Domain ID Protect is the most efficient way of safeguarding your website and staying away from the perils of Internet world.


This service is applicable to the domains that are registered with us. If you have a domain currently registered with a different registrar and want to avail Domain ID Protect Service, you are required to transfer it over to us. You may use the following link to proceed with the Transfer : Domain Transfer For just a nominal fee of 5.00 GBP, you can ensure complete protection for your personal information and have complete control over your domain name.

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