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vps hosting policy

RESOURCES:- Disk-Space: - The amount of allocated storage you are given on your VPS hosting is called disk space (this is a small part of the hard-drive on the VPS). This enables you to store files, Web pages, email, databases and graphics. Web space is measured in MB (megabytes).

Bandwidth:-While bandwidth and data transfer are somewhat synonymous, the two are typically referred to from unique perspectives. In a nutshell - both have to do with the amount of data that is transferred to and from your VPS web hosting either by you uploading files, your visitors viewing pages and downloading files, and your emails if you are using your host for your email service. If someone comes to your web site and downloads a 1MB file, you've just transferred 1MB of data. If 1,000 people download that file than you have transferred 1,000MB or 1GB.

Equal Share CPU: - All VPS' are given a certain portion of CPU as per the package signed up for.  If additional CPU power is required, it will only be available depending on the free CPU on the node. The share depends on the plan you buy. A WinVPS ENTERPRISE would always get more than a WinVPS STARTER.
(This is only given with Windows VPS Plans.)

Cloud VPS 100% Uptime Guarantee :- Exceptions to the 100% uptime guarantee on Cloud VPS are :-

(i) If your VM exceeds hard resource limit and faces any performance issues, or your VM restarts because of insufficient resources.

(ii) If guest OS restarts internal VM services like httpd, named, cPanel, spamd, mysql, exim then this is because of high resource usage. Control panel updates or any other guest OS issues are also not included in our 100% uptime guarantee.

(iii) If your VM restarts because of installation or use of a third party application/software.

(iv) While uploading data on Windows VM, if any virus or malicious scripts is uploaded and subsequently causes issues on your VM.

You are always welcome to configure internal VM services or control panel but you cannot blame our uptime guarantee. We can provide VMware logs and your VM resource usage graphs which will explain your resources usage and VM status.

SUPPORT:- (i) Webhosting UK has a round-the-clock technical support staff which will help you with any technical issues that you may have.

(ii) We respond to all trouble tickets in about 1 hour from the time they are raised.  Incase further investigations are required, the ticket will be updated.

(iii) Live-Chat services are available 24 x 7 x 365.  Customers are welcome to contact live-chat for any / every issue which they may have.  For requests pertaining to upgrades, downgrades, cancellations, signups etc or any other issue for which the technical staff deems it to be necessary, customers will have to either email or raise a ticket for the concerned department

(iv) All issues on which our technical staff has to seek / await advice from cPanel, SW-Soft, Mail-Enable or the concerned software / application vendor, estimating a time-frame for final resolution wont be possible. It all depends on the response times of the vendor and the severity of the issue which has been forwarded to them.

GENERAL GUIDELINES:- (i) Webhosting UK provides fully managed VPS services. This includes the hard-ware node, the network, control panels and the software which come with those control panels. The hard-ware node is monitored pro-actively. The support team is not responsible for processes running within individual vps'. The support team will troubleshoot any underlying issues only after the customer contacts the technical support staff.

(ii) Webhosting UK recommends a control panel to manage individual vps'. although customers may opt for a plain VPS (without any control panel).  However, it will be the customer's responsibility to configure user accounts, mail accounts, ftp accounts, websites, DNS and all other such settings which are necessary for the VPS to function. The support team will only do this for customers who have a control panel for their VPS. When a customer purchases a plain VPS, we expect them to be fully aware and have knowledge of configuring their VPS.

(iii) Webhosting UK always recommends that customers use the Virtuozzo Power Panel. This helps customers to perform several administrative tasks like start / stop processes, reboot, repair, backup, process management

(iv)  Webhosting UK has an intensive fraud detection process. Under this, all customers who signup for a VPS are subject to verification through telephone. We start processing and set-up only after confirming the order received. All VPS' are setup in about 3 hours from the time of the order being verified and confirmed.

(v) Webhosting UK delegates rDNS only for a full subnet of /24. Delegation is not done for a lesser block. Customers may purchase a /24 block at an additional cost.

(vi)  Webhosting UK won’t be responsible for any third-party applications, software, fire-walls and anti-virus programs.  The technical support staff will ONLY install the software for customers. It is the customer's responsibility to configure and run such software, programs, applications etc. The support team will only attempt to trouble-shoot and if possible resolve issues arising out of the usage of such programs, there is no guarantee of a resolution being provided.

The support team will install third-party applications only when they have time to spare after attending to support issues. We give a low priority to third-party software installations.

(vii) The welcome email includes the login details and the IP addresses allocated to the VPS created for the customer. This also includes the Private DNS which are registered for the exclusive use of individual VPS'.

(viii) Incase, a customer wishes to switch from a Windows vps to a Linux vps or vice versa, only the website files .i.e. the data present in the Vhosts folder and the public_html folder for the websites. All other files and data will have to be moved by the customer.

(ix) Webhosting UK strongly recommends that customers do not install Service Pack 2 and also that the option for “Automatic Windows Update” is turned off at all times for their Windows VPS. Customers who have a Linux VPS are requested to consult the support staff before running any cPanel or kernel updates. Webhosting UK will not be responsible incase a VPS needs to be recreated owing to the above.

(x) In case of a hardware node failure / crash, Webhositng UK would attempt to provide a one week old backup. All such backups exclude any media file (with the exception of Flash) which the customers may have on their virtual machines. Backups of individual virtual machines cannot be supplied.

The Management reserves the right to edit / change the guidelines any time.

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