Windows Reseller Hosting FAQ’s

Reseller Hosting / Sales FAQ / September 29, 2008

General FAQs for Windows Reseller Hosting

1. Does your reseller hosting require a static IP address for remote SQL Server access?

Ans: It is not necessary to use a static IP address for remote SQL Server access, you can connect to MS-SQL database using our shared servers IP address from anywhere with any type of internet connection.

2. Will we be able to import data from Access DB’s where required?

Ans: Our Windows server support MS Access database, you can simply upload your .MDB file under your Web-root folder.

3. Is MS-SQL Database included in the reseller package?

Ans: Yes, you can host your MSSQL database with us, it’s included in your windows reseller hosting Package.

4. How long will it take to set up our hosting?

Ans: Account setup will take only 10 to 15 minutes after verification of payment is done.

5. Do you offer a service to move our sites from their current hosting?

Ans: Moving your data would depend on the control panel you are using with your present reseller web hosting provider, the number of individual domain accounts to be moved & size of the total data.

6. Do you offer a Database backup service – if yes how frequent is the backup & how much does it cost?

Ans: We provide SQL Server 2012 Express, SQL Server 2012 Standard, SQL Server 2014 Express, which comes with its own management interface called SQL-Express Management Studio. This allows you to manage the administration of your databases. You would have to raise a helpdesk ticket to request a backup to be taken and/or restoring a backup for you. There are no charges involved in this.

7. What type of control panel comes with windows hosting?

Ans: Our Windows hosting plan comes with Plesk control panel. The additional components which are included with Plesk are as follows.

• ASP, ASP.NET 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, 4.5, 4.6
• MS FrontPage Extensions
• Microsoft IIS 8
• phpMyAdmin
• Remote Database Access
• PHP 5.3 to 7
• Perl v5.16.3
• ASPMail
• ASPEmail
• JMail
• Microsoft Windows DNS
• Unlimited FTP
• FastCGI Support
• Spam Protection
• phpMyAdmin 2.10.1
• myLittleAdmin
• AWStats
• SmarterMail
• Webmail
• ISAPI Rewrite
• Redirects
• File Manager
• Joomla CMS
• WordPress
• DotNetNuke 5.0
• phpBB bulletin board
• FlexWiki
• Kbiki
• MyBlog
• DNP Portal 2.8.4