What Is WildCard SSL Certificate?

Web Hosting Addons / September 14, 2011

An SSL [Secure Socktes Layer] certificate secures the online transactions of a website. It safeguards the personal information of the user for safe online shopping. A WildCard SSL certificate is a step ahead. It not just enables you to secure the website but it also enables you to secure the sub-domains.

This is done with the help of a single WildCard certificate. WildCard SSL certificate reduces the management time and cost to a great extent. The overall security is extended to all the sub-domains based on the top-level domain. For instance for a given website example.com, if an SSL certificate is used; only example.com will be secured whereas if a WildCard SSL Certificate is used on the website *.example.com, it will secure –
blog.example.com and every other sub-domain linked to *.example.com.

If a WildCard SSL Certificate is used on the website *.www.example.com, it will secure –
blog.www.example.com and every other sub-domain linked to *.www.example.com.

The main features offered by WildCard SSL include the following:

* Time and money is saved with as there are few SSL certificates to manage and purchase
* A secure private connection is created between a web browser and web server; this includes the web forms, gateways, mail, FTP servers and VPNs
* Unlimited sub-domains
* Free support offered through web and email
* WildCard SSL certificates support most of the operating systems, Web Servers, *Application Server, mail server, etc.
* All browsers are also supported
* Upto 256-bit Encryption is provided that can secure banking data, secured sign in or self-service interaction information
* Due to a stringent verification process, the WildCard SSL certificate helps to maintain the customer confidence
* Once the certificate is purchased for a domain, it can be used for multiple sub-domains

The best part about WildCard SSL is that it protects each domain individually thus enabling higher level of security, thus the credibility of eCommerce hosting UK is also enhanced. Even though the WildCard SSL certificate is priced more than a single certificate, it is a complete value for money because of the spectrum, of security provided. A WildCard SSL certificate helps future proof the addition of sub-domains in the future and thereby the SSL management and IP address management is eased. Getting a WildCard SSL certificate is the most profitable investment that saves a lot of time and it also saves the overheads of managing multiple certificates and expiration dates.

Note:- In order to use the Wildcard SSL on sub-domains, a dedicated IP is required for each sub-domain.