The CloudFlare option that you see in the cPanel is basically a Free system which has the capabilities to boost and secure your website(s). It’s a content delivery network (CDN) cum domain name server (DNS) service designed to enhance the performance and speed of your website. Cloudflare acts as a mediator between the requests made by anyone to your site hosted on WHUKs servers.

There are other advantages of using Cloudflare too such as protection from DDoS, malicious code injections, improves the load time of webpages and much more.

Understand The Functioning of CloudFlare

After enabling CloudFlare for your website, it uses it’s name servers wherein the name servers which you’d manually set would no more be used. Which also mean, the requests to your website would be served via. CloudFlare. Basically being a CDN with servers hosted at datacenters at nearly 23 different geographies, CloudFlare is able to offer your website with :

  • Protection from Malicious Requests – Being a mediator to your website and the visitor requests, CloudFlare monitors and analyzes the authenticity of the request based on its IP and a couple of other factors. This happens in a fraction of seconds and the request is forwarded only if it passes the checks. If incase CloudFlare determines anything unusual with a request such as a malicious code which may harm your website/server, it gets blocked hence protecting your site from threats.
  • Website Content Caching – Cache plays an effective role with faster delivery of pages when requested by a visitor. Knowing this fact, CloudFlare caches static content of a site and delivered straight to requester from a location nearest to the requester destination. This helps with faster delivery of web pages

Who can use CloudFlare?

All our Linux based servers ranging from Shared to Dedicated servers are compatible with CloudFlare. To enable it, you’d need to place a request with our technical support department.

Once we’ve enabled it for your account, you must :

STEP 1: Log into cPanel.

STEP 2: Search for CloudFlare


STEP 3: Clicking would show you a checkbox asking for your approval of the Terms of Service and your email address.

STEP 4: Click the Manage button to get started.

CloudFare Mange

If you need any assistance with it, we request you to kindly contact our technical support department via. Live Chat or Help Desk.